This partnership will drive joint undertakings and specific projects in the fields of management, digital transformations and continuous improvement.

11 - 06 - 2018

Banca Mediolanum is taking a shareholding in MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business

In choosing Banca Mediolanum as its 23rd partner, which joins the group of Italian and multinational companies and institutions that make up the organisation’s shareholder structure, MIP is implementing the company’s new strategy of building on technological innovation and the digitalisation of its network of companies as a mechanism for introducing new predictive technologies that can benefit the entire sector.

Through its working relationship with MIP and MIP’s network of associated companies, Banca Mediolanum will be able to promote and develop special projects in the fields of management, digital transformation and continuous improvement, keeping a close eye on the needs of the business world. Banca Mediolanum will also place its know-how and distinctive skills at the disposal of the network. 

As explained by Antonio Gusmini, HR Director at Banca Mediolanum:
“We decided to take a shareholding in MIP because of the closeness of purposes and objectives that run through both organisation’s operations and work. Operating under the changed economic environment means that companies face new challenges on a daily basis. The ability to approach change with the right mindset and continuous professional development can help to generate competitive advantage for businesses and form part of the training for future managers, within the design of reducing the gap between the world of academia and that of business”.

Andrea Sianesi, MIP Dean, takes up the thread:

“One of the long-standing cornerstones of our business school strategy is our closeness to companies and the business world, a sphere of which we are an integral part. Banca Mediolanum is a major player in the Italian financial sector and, by joining our shareholding structure as our first and only financial partner, this underlines the quality of the education we provide and the special projects we have undertaken”.