Manufacturing Summit 2017
08 - 06 - 2017 | 08:30 AM
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June 8th, 8.30  am - summit

Over the next decades, it is expected that the Manufacturing industry is going to take technological, environmental, economic, and social new challenges. Manufacturing 4.0 is the choice to embrace these changes and develop strategies to take advantage of the new opportunities. The fourth industrial revolution promises to reshape the way manufacturing is seen, to enable the prosperity of the society.

Manufacturing 4.0 will reduce labour costs through innovation and high-skills, allowing changing the offshore trend, and re-shoring the manufacturing activities. This new concept of Manufacturing will spread a local and inclusive industry, where new jobs and the economic stability can be achieved. The industries, together with the research centres and the educational institutes, shall be prepared to embrace this unmissable asset for the conservation of the world wellbeing.

Under this scenario, the establishment of the permanent institute, developing an annual Global Manufacturing Report will be the basis of the definition of the right path of manufacturing industries worldwide. The Global Manufacturing Report will be published with the support of policy experts, industry leaders of large and small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as academic leaders presenting the hot topics of the economic, social and technological challenges of the fourth industrial revolution that will impact the manufacturing in the future.

The Manufacturing Summit 2017, organized by Politecnico di Milano and Confindustria Lombardia, is the occasion to launch the WMF Foundation to the global industrial companies.

The Manufacturing Summit will be the stage where policy experts, industry leaders and academic leaders discuss the industrial needs and policies. During the event two different sessions present the opportunities of Industry 4.0, within the re-shoring of companies bringing jobs back home, and the new skills and competences required by the workers in the era of digitalization.

The Manufacturing Summit will be held in Cernobbio, Italy, on 8 June 2017, and registration is free of charge to our invited guests thanks to the financial contribution from Confindustria Lombardia and Regione Lombardia.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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  • 08:30 Registration
  • 09:25 Welcome to the Summit and Opening
    Moderator: Andrea Cabrini, Director, CLASS CNBC

  • 09:30 “The Future of Manufacturing” - Vision and Plans of the three stakeholders: Policy Makers, Academic and Industrial Leaders.
    Roberto Maroni, President Lombardy Region, Italy
    Alberto Ribolla, President Confindustria Lombardia, Italy
    Marco Taisch, Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    Jürgen Tiedje, Head of Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Biotechnologies, DG Research European Commission, EC
    Abraham Tijerina, Chairman, IMS International, Mexico

  • 10:15 KEYNOTE SPEECH - Driving the Digital Enterprise for discrete industries, Jan Mrosik, CEO Digital Factory Division, Siemens AG, Germany

  • 10:45 Coffee Break

  • 11:15 Panel on “ICT, automation and mechatronics work towards Industry 4.0”
    Under the fourth industrial revolution, companies are asked to success different transformation pillars, such as building digital capabilities, enable collaborations in the ecosystem, managing data, managing cybersecurity, and others.
    ICT, automation and mechatronics work towards the common goal of industry 4.0, in which machines and robots are connected with computers able to control them autonomously with increasingly limited intervention on the part of operators.
    The technological transformation often goes in parallel with the reshoring phenomenon: thanks to the fourth industrial revolution, the technological advancement will increase manufacturing productivity and increase competitiveness in manufacturing industries. This allows achieving high quality products with less cost and, in the meantime, the reshoring of companies allows achieving the market in shorter time.
    To leverage the multiple opportunities in the society of industry 4.0, companies need to embark on a digital transformation journey: a continuous, long-term effort is needed to successfully navigate the changing industrial environment of Industry 4.0.

    Diego Andreis, President, Fluid-O-tech Group S.r.l.; President, CEEMET; President, Mechatronics Group – Assolombarda, Italy
    Alfredo Ramponi, CEO, Ramponi S.r.l., Italy
    Emmanouel Raptopoulos, COO EMEA South Europe, Middle East and Africa, SAP, Germany

  • 12:45 Networking Lunch

  • 13:45 Plenary Session - “Industry 4.0 presents the evolution of skills and education”
    Industry 4.0 recently has led to a radical transformation of the world where we live and work. The digitization of industry will transform the industrial workforce through the adoption of new technologies. Thanks to these changes, more jobs will be gained and old jobs will be revamped, but workers will require and learn new skills and competences, with an impact on the societal prosperity. This session will explore how the fourth industrial revolution evolve job profiles, and what types of skills will be gained. Industries and educational institutes will discuss this new challenge in order to be competitive within the digital industry.

    Marta Anzani, Manager, POLIFORM, Italy
    Flavio Bonomi, CEO/Founder, Nebbiolo technologies, USA
    Antonio De Bellis, Country Business Development Manager, ABB, Swiss
    Olivier Drean, Senior Director Manufacturing, Dassault Systèmes, France
    Andrea Pontremoli, CEO, Dallara, Italy

  • 15:35 Coffee Break

  • 16:05 Panel on “Industrial Needs: the Key Pillars of the Manufacturing Agenda”
    The panel on national industrial agenda will discuss the importance of highlights the industrial policies on the national agenda. A strong industrial base is essential for a wealthy and economically successful Europe and World. It is vital to stimulate economic recovery, provide high-quality jobs and reinforce the global competitiveness and sustainable growth. To achieve this, a comprehensive vision is needed, focusing on investment and on innovation, especially for policies including trade, SMEs, energy and resource efficiency, education, competition and societal prosperity in favour of companies' competitiveness. Policy makers and industry decision makers of different countries will discuss how manufacturing policies can be a key pillar of the industrial sector and of the world economy.

    Vincenzo Boccia, President, Confindustria, Italy
    Stefano Firpo, General Director, Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Italy
    Benjamin Gallezot, Deputy Director General, Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE), Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, France
    Max Lemke, Head of Unit "Complex Systems and Advanced Computing, DG Connect European Commission, EC
    Sean R. Keith, Supply Chain Integration Leader, General Electric Additive, USA
    Mauro Parolini, Minister of Economic Development of the Lombardy Region, Italy
    Agostino Santoni, Managing Director, Cisco, Italy
    Wolfgang Scheremet, Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

  • 17:45 Manufacturing Summit Wrap Up
  • 17:50 Closing Cocktail

To partake in the event, please register here.