Public Holidays 2017/2018

November 1st 2017All Saints Day
December 7th 2017Saint Ambrose (Milan only)
December 8th 2017Immaculate Conception
December 23rd 2017 - January 7th 2017Christmas break
April 14th – 18th 2017Easter break
April 25th 2017Liberation Day
May 1st 2017Labor Day
June 2nd 2017Republic Day

Each Master may have different breaks to those listed above. Check your Master's calendar before planning your holidays.

Emergency and Useful Numbers

Police    113
Carabinieri - Police with military and civil duties112
Municipal Police   02 0208
Doctors on call - operate nights, weekends and public holiday02 34567
Fire Department115
Taxi   02 8585; 02 6767; 02 4040
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