Purchasing and Supply Chain Management



Most industries are becoming increasingly fragmented and globally dispersed as a consequence of massive outsourcing and widespread offshoring. In such a context, purchasing and supply chain operations are key areas in which to gain productivity and a competitive advantage. The complexity and the uncertainty of global sourcing and supply chain management pose new challenges to companies struggling with the trade-off between cost savings and service requirements. How companies cope with these issues progressively impacts on their ability to create value and, in the end, on their bottom line.
Our mission is to help companies in mapping and evaluating their entire supply chain, and to strengthen their expertise in this field. This is achieved by means of an international research effort and by circulating the resulting knowledge among our peers through Master degrees, executive education programs and other professional interventions.

Core competencies

Our training, research and consulting projects rely upon the following key competence areas, which we consider the main drivers of our success:

Major projects

Senior buyers and purchasing managers at group level worldwide have been trained on the following key strategic purchasing topics: the evolution of purchasing, purchasing organisation, spend management, negotiation, ePurchasing. The program
has now been held on 8 separate occasions.

The School of Management was involved in a global educational research project studying how customers approach buying IT goods and services over the
internet. Our research project focused on analysing the impact of software applications relating to supply chain visibility on supply chain performance.

Three different training programs were delivered to supply chain managers at a global level and increase their skills in supply chain strategies, logistics and
transport management.

The School of Management supported the company in developing and implementing an innovative system to forecast demand and in training people in the sales department on advanced demand forecasting methods.

The School of Management developed a customised educational program to train managers in supply chain flow management and operations strategies.

The Purchasing Department of Luxottica involved the School of Management in developing a training program for purchasing managers at a global level and for senior buyers. Key topics related to defining purchasing strategies, spend management and rationalisation, total cost of ownership, negotiation and sustainable purchasing practices.

Master in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management
Since 2009, MIP in partnership with Audencia Grande Ecole de Management has run a one-year International Master degree, covering the most significant topics
relating to supply chain and purchasing.

Executive Program in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Over the last decade, the School of Management has run a part-time Master program for purchasing and supply chain management executives.

Short Programs in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management
The School of Management offers a number of short courses (2 to 3 days) covering the topics above.



For further information: competence@mip.polimi.it