Smart Civis Contest
MSPME students among the finalists

19 - 05 - 2017


For the cities of the future, Ulukbek Abdubaliev, Karl Abi Karam and Pietro Percudani, MSPME students, dream of a more sustainable, transparent and efficient health service.  

A dream that has been translated into a real project within the Smart Civis competition, a contest asking to university students to imagine their Utopia, a perfect city that embodies civic values, sustainable development and competitiveness. 

In their project, our students started from the developing of a medical platform, using the Cloud technology to connect physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, local health assistance and citizens. The automatic data transmission will reduce costs, improving people health and preserving the environment. 

  Ulukbek, Karl and Pietro are among the finalists of the contest. Good luck guys!