MBA Innovation Award
MIP’s Flex EMBA in the top six most innovative MBAs globally by AMBA, the Association of MBAs.

01 - 02 - 2016

MIP’s Flex EMBA in the top six most innovative MBAs globally.
This Flex EMBA is the only Italian Executive MBA in digital learning mode and has been voted by AMBA, the Association of MBAs, among the six most innovative MBAs in the world.

The first edition of our International Flex Master (i-Flex EMBA) will start in October 2016, in partnership with WOBI-World of Business Ideas.

The Flex EMBA has been chosen as one of the six most innovative MBAs world-wide by a commission of experts from AMBA, the international association certificating high standards of quality in Master’s in Business Administration. AMBA has accredited many leading business schools globally, including the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano.

This resounding recognition was awarded in London on the 29th January 2016, during an annual event for the senior management of the most prestigious business schools in the world to celebrate their successes over the past year.

In making their assessment about the Master’s programme, the judges look in particular at a series of aspects, such as innovative features of the programme and the methods in which it is delivered. The criteria of evaluation include how the School interacts with its student body through new channels, first and foremost digital technology, results that are both totally new and out of the ordinary, and aspects of creativity and success.

On the wave of the success of our Italian Flex EMBA (with three editions since October 2014), the first edition of our i-Flex EMBA will begin in October 2016 as a Smart Learning format programme held entirely in English. Presented for the first time at World Business Forum of Madrid 2015, the programme is designed for managers who wish to balance their work and family commitments with a high-profile training course that involves many countries on a global scale.

Over recent years, we have witnessed deep changes in the needs of students interested in postgraduate training and - alongside the growing need for flexibility and compatibility with their other commitments - participants are now searching for a highly personalised and concrete experience. MIP has answered this need with an educational offer centred on Smart Learning that combines tools of digital learning with critical coaching, mentoring and advisory initiatives.

As mentioned, after its successful Flex EMBA experience in Italy, MIP will now offer the same format at international level, through a strategic partnership with WOBI.

The recognition by AMBA is a very important result for our school”, says Andrea Sianesi, Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano, “and it confirms our winning decision to invest in innovating our products using digital technology. We were the first in Italy to believe in a digitally-based Executive Master and, today, with our i-Flex EMBA, we are opening up to the international world”.
We are firmly convinced that digital technologies can revolutionise the approaches to training and the continuous learning process of managers and executives”, continues Andrea Sianesi, “and, in future, there will be a greater need for these people to take training programmes, update their skills, interact and hold meetings with their staff wherever they happen to be, all in the perspective of great flexibility and compatibility with their working schedule and family commitments. Digital technological progress means that, even today, it is possible to address these needs, while retaining the quality and methodological rigour typical of a school like ours”, concludes the Dean, “and MIP is investing heavily in this area, known succinctly by us as Smart Learning. This consists in a portfolio of products and training initiatives for individuals and companies that exploit the potential of digital technology”.

Our i-Flex EMBA is a programme whereby managers and executives can access exclusive material to complete their 360 degree education. In the i-Flex EMBA, the Smart Learning experience and MIP’s teaching methods are combined with the quality of content and international breadth of current world leading thinkers for each of the management subjects covered in the course. This results in a superb Faculty, unmatched by any other business school today, that includes exponents of the world economic environment, such as Martin Lindstrom, Joseph Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini and great inspirers such as Chris Gardner and Andre Agassi.

MIP’s i-Flex EMBA runs through an innovative digital learning platform developed by MIP on Microsoft technology and students can choose where, when and how to access the lessons. The programmes lasts 18 months and students can spread the course work in the way that suits them best, accessing material from anywhere in the world from any device. The course consists of ten core courses, delivered over the platform, two weeks of face-to-face interaction, split between Italy and South America (working on the participants’ soft skills), an optional week taking a “Doing Business In” course in Silicon Valley, China or Italy, followed by a Project Work assignment.

In each of the core courses, the Master’s course will include videos from the top thinkers and doers in the WOBI circuit that will stimulate students to go beyond conventional interpretations; furthermore, participants will be able to take part in a World Business Forum in a major city, choosing between Bogotá, Mexico City, Milan, Madrid, New York and Sydney, and meet renowned international figures, including, in the past, Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak.

The i-Flex EMBA is also highly suited to the needs of companies that intend to provide training and develop their employees with a high potential, without keeping them away from their workplace for many hours on end.
MIP’s i-Flex EMBA allows participants to gain the same skills and be awarded the same diploma as traditional Executive MBAs. Simultaneously, it provides great flexibility and personalisation in terms of access to the course and building a truly unique network of international connections for this type for format, by coming into contact and establishing relationships with managers, professors and top executives from many different parts of the world.