A “sustainable” Saturday

22 - 11 - 2017

On November 18th, the managers of the future met at MIP for the CSR Business Game.

While businesses are called to implement sustainable processes within the fight to climate change, we challenged teams to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and to analyse its impact on the business performance. The aim was to rise profits while respecting environment and employees.

Moreover, participants had the chance to meet Carlo Capè, President of Assoconsult and CEO of BIP Business Integration Partners, one of MIP partners.

His speech mainly focused on creating a shared value through sustainability. Through examples, he showed how big brands conceived business strategies sustainable on the long term — just as IKEA did. Moreover, he shared BIP best practices about “Creating Shared Value”.

It has been an intriguing day, thanks to the speech held by Capè and to the ideas presented by teams attending the CSR Business Game.

Congratulations to Alberto, Maryia, Dario, Alessandro e Stefano, who ranked 1st and won a MIP contribution for the 2018 MBA programs.