Interview with alumna Macarena Paz
Here some excellent reasons for attending an MBA in Italy.

02 - 04 - 2015

Where do you live now?

After living a year and a half in Milano, I returned to Lima. Definitely, I miss Italy and all the friends I made there.

What’s your job?

After successfully completing my MBA, I worked for a company which owns multiple fast food franchises (as KFC, Pizza Hut, Chili’s, Starbucks, Pinkberry, Burger King, etc), and I was responsible for coordinating all the supply chain activities for specific franchises. It was an invaluable experience because, although my previous experience was in business and finance areas, this position broadened my knowledge and helped me develop new skills allowing me to have a stronger understanding of different business processes.
Currently, I am working in the banking sector for Scotiabank, as an international associate, where for two years I will rotate through different roles in the Wholesale Banking. The goal of my position is not only to be trained for a specific role, it also has targets and semester projects which enables me to be evaluated and then assume a key position within the bank. In my first rotation, I passed through the area of Corporate Finance, working for the Merge & Acquisition and Debt Capital Market teams, and actually I am at Products and Global Transaction Banking area. I believe that Scotiabank gave me a great opportunity to nurture my banking knowledge but also provide development of the softskills that I have learned through my past experience.
What’s your main skill you worked on your enhanced within your MBA experience?
My greatest skill is the flexibility to adapt not only to different environments but also to different teams, areas and positions within a large corporation.
Infact, the interaction with colleagues from different nationalities and working with them on different projects enhanced my vision and understanding of work environment and problem solving.
Additionally, I had done my internship at Acer in the E-commerce area, which was very valuable experience as it was a totally new business area, securing additional knowledge that confirms my flexibility and adaptation to different roles.

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