CleanTech Challenge Italian Chapter 2017
Five i-Flex students are flying to London to partake in the final chapter!

27 - 03 - 2017

On March 24th and 25th, MIP hosted the final boot camp of the CleanTech Challenge Italian Chapter 2017. Following extensive consultations, Trashtag – Datacenters Storage Clean Up was awarded the 1st prize. The project, presented by five i-Flex students proposes a new way to conceive the data storage. Thus, congratulations to Alberto Branchesi, Emanuele Balconi, Matteo Tarabini, Luigi Mariani and Edward Smyshliaiev!
In addition to the €5,000 prize offered by the Associazione Gianluca Spina, students won the chance to represent Italy on final chapter, taking place on April 27th-28th at the London Business School. The winning team will be awarded a £10,000 prize.

Good luck guys!