In order to respond to the growing interest in sport and the widespread lack of management skills in the sport and leisure industry, MIP has developed a training programme for executives interested in working in the sport and leisure sector. The training is carried out with the support of different sport teams, leagues and associations.

The main goals of the programme are:

  • building on previous experience of athletes;in the sport sector;
  • giving participants a deep understanding of the most relevant managerial models and tools which can be adapted from other sectors and applied in the specific domain of sport management;
  • providing them with a complete set of managerial skills and know-how required to become an executive in a sport organization.

This program is addressed to Managers of Sport Organizations.

Language: English
Venue: Italy and/or abroad


The main areas that will be developed are the followings:

  • management of the sport sector;
  • facility management and operation management;
  • event management;
  • project management.

Teaching methodology
Participants can enjoy a mix of academic lectures, seminars and keynote speeches given by some of the most prominent professionals in the field.

Erica Santangelo, International Relations for Western Countries and India
T: +39 0223992828, email: santangelo@mip.polimi.it
Delia Olivetto, China Affairs Manager
T: +39 0223992862, email: olivetto@mip.polimi.it


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