The industry of luxury goods is a €160-180 billion worth business, with Italian brands occupying a prominent position. This is an opportunity not only for consolidated brands, but also for other firms to enter the high-end segment of the market. Yet, in order to succeed, an excellent product or a great marketing campaign alone are no longer enough.


It is a training program addressed towards executives and/or entrepreneurs who aim at understanding the secrets of the Italian way of luxury, thus trying to get the right skills to launch truly luxury brands

Language: English
Venue: Italy and/or abroad


The training topics are:

  • Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain strategies, design and management of the distribution network, etc.);
  • Demand management (demand forecasting, managing retail with an “integrated” perspective, using contracts to align goals, increasing visibility along the distribution chain);
  • Production planning & control (Material Requirement Planning – MRP, push approaches and Just-in-Time, inventory management, etc.);
  • Purchasing management (purchasing strategy, portfolio management, supplier selection and vendor rating, supplier development, strategic partnerships, etc.).

Teaching methodology
The training methodology include lectures, case studies and several activities, such as: company visits and mystery shopping tours will allow to experience theory directly in the field; hands-on activities, workshops and discussion sessions with both participants and industry experts will further complement the theory.

Erica Santangelo, International Relations for Western Countries and India
T: +39 0223992828, email: santangelo@mip.polimi.it
Delia Olivetto, China Affairs Manager
T: +39 0223992862, email: olivetto@mip.polimi.it


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