The globalization has invested also the E.&C. market.

In this perspective, it is fundamental to understand the evolution of the E.&C. market of the emerging paradigms and models for event planning and design, and of the internationalization strategies adopted by the most important players in the E.&C. value chain (trade fair centers, organizers, providers) over the last few years.


The pervasive competition among E.&C. centres is pushing organizers towards a differentiation of the exhibition concepts (category specialization, visitor-centricity, supply fair, etc.). Deciding what kind of E.&C. concept to provide in the different market is more critical as a success factor for the exhibition today than ever before. Moreover, also at a strategic level E.&C. industry has been experiencing dramatic changes: joint ventures between organizers to access the international markets, mergers and acquisitions between organizers and trade fair centers, etc.

The main goals of the programme are:

  • Outline the strategic and operational levers to design an exhibition portfolio suitable to the peculiarities of the trade fair centre and of the exhibitor market;
  • Identify the phases of the organization of a trade fair, and their characteristics;
  • Get insights from European case histories about trade show management before, during and after the event;
  • Define the event value proposition, to promote and launch E.&C. and to plan marketing activities;
  • Get a wider comprehension of the impact principles of E.&C. “soft variables” in E.&C. management: human resource management, project and crisis management, negotiation strategies and cultural issues;
  • Understand the latest evolutions in the E.&C. markets and the ultimate approaches to E.&C. planning and management.


E.&C. managers operating both in E.&C. centers and in event organizer companies.

Language: English/Chinese
Venue: Italy and/or abroad


The main topics are:

  • Exhibition portfolio management;
  • Event management;
  • The design process for fairs and exhibitions;
  • Trends and evolutions in design-driven fair system.

Teaching methodology

Front lessons, case history and institutional visits.


Erica Santangelo, International Relations for Western Countries and India
T: +39 0223992828, email: santangelo@mip.polimi.it
Delia Olivetto, China Affairs Manager
T: +39 0223992862, email: olivetto@mip.polimi.it


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