In the last ten years, Europe has begun a massive renewal process of the Public Administration.In this framework, Public Administration Officers need to be prepared to grasp the opportunity offered by ICT. Officers must acquire the knowledge and skills to better manage the projects they are called to face in the next years.


The goal of the course is to increase the managerial competences of the trainees, with particular regards to the management of the personnel of public service and the management of changes in the organization.


Managers in the Public Administration

Language: English
Venue: Italy and/or abroad


Depending on the target population and on the goals of the Public Administration, MIP can propose training proposals composed by several modules, which go through the following topics:

  • Management of the personnel of public service
  • Management of changes in the public organizations
  • Collaboration among the employees through Web 2.0 applications
  • Collaboration within the Supply Chain through B2B applications
  • Online interactive services

Teaching methodology

Front lessons, case histories and institutional visits.


Erica Santangelo, International Relations for Western Countries and India
T: +39 0223992828, email: santangelo@mip.polimi.it

Delia Olivetto, China Affairs Manager
T: +39 0223992862, email: olivetto@mip.polimi.it


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