The permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) is the residence permit for Italy. It is necessary for all non-EU citizens staying in Italy for a period longer than 90 days. Within 8 working days of your arrival, you will need to submit your application.
As a rule, NON-EU students will enter Italy on an Italian D type visa. Those students who have started their masters in another European country (typically France or Spain) may enter Italy on their valid residence permit obtained in that country, and do not always need to obtain an Italian visa.
The permit application must be filed within 8 working days of your date of arrival in Italy or entrance in the Schengen area (if you stop over in another EU country).

How to apply for permit of stay

  1. Ask for the KIT (yellow striped envelop) that is available at all the post offices bearing the ‘Sportello Amico’ sign (meaning ‘Friendly Counter’), or at the International Students Office and fill out form 1 contained in the kit.
  2. Take the KIT to the post office with the following documents and have your passport with you:
    • Copy of your passport with visa and personal data page;
    • Copy of the MIP admission letter validated by the consulate with a stamp (if you enter Italy on an Italian visa)
    • Copy of your French or Spanish residence permit (if you enter Italy without a visa)
    • Bank statement (with the balance in EURO)proving that you have 5,800 Euro for a one-year stay or a proof of scholarship (if you enter Italy with your French or Spanish residence permit)
    • Copy of your master’s training contract (if you enter Italy with your French or Spanish permit of stay)
    • Copy of your health insurance policy, covering you for the whole period of your stay in Italy, written in Italian or English. If you do not have health insurance ask us about purchasing the Generali Italia S.p.A. insurance (€98 for one year). After submitting your application, at the post office you’ll receive a receipt (Assicurata) and an appointment letter with time and date for you to visit a local Police Station (Commissariato).
  3. Go to your appointment at the police station with the original documents listed above, 2 passport size photographs and an Italian mobile phone number. At the appointment they will check the documents and take your fingerprints.
  4. Later, when you will receive a text message from the Police on the number you have provided at your police appointment, you will go and collect your permit of stay card.

Download the guide HERE

Permit of stay Key Facts

  • It can be renewed for the duration of your studies
  • It can be renewed for curricular or post-curricular internship
  • It allows you to accept a work contract of up to 20 hours per week while studying, or until the end of its validity.
  • It allows you to take up an internship (up to 40 hours per week)
  • It allows you to visit or stay in another Schengen Territory country for a period of maximum 90 days in 6 month. For tourism only.

How to check the status of permit of stay card

To check the status of your application you can access to the State Police website. Insert the password indicated on your permit of stay receipt (assicurata), without the dash.

How to renew permit of stay

The guidance is given HERE and reserved to enrolled students.

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