European students will be covered by their European Health Card, obtainable from the health authority in their country. EU students will be able to see any general practitioner for receiving medical treatment free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during their stay.

Non-European students have the opportunity to enroll in the Italian National Healthcare System (NHS), and enjoy the same benefits as Italian nationals: free medical checks at a chosen general practitioner; reduced fees for prescription medicines and for medical checks with specialists. You can enroll after you have applied for your permit of stay. Enrollment in the NHS is not compulsory but strongly recommended.

Documents required for enrolling in the NHS:

  • Receipt of payment of the yearly fee of €149,77 (valid for the solar year) payable at any post office. Please fill out a blank payment slip at the post office as follows (or ask ISO for assistance):
  • Account no. (C/C) no.: 379222
  • Account holder (intestato a): Amministrazione P.T. Regione Lombardia
  • Reason for payment (causale del pagamento): Iscrizione volontaria al S.s.n. – anno 2017.
  • Passport (and a copy of the main page and visa)
  • Permit of stay or permit of stay application receipt (a copy of it)
  • MIP admission letter (also a copy)
  • Fiscal code.

Please note that enrollment is for the calendar year – from January 1st to December 31st. The enrollment fee remains the same, no matter when you enroll in the year.

Students with family will be able to take up a family subscription for a total amount of €387.34. Family members will only be able to register after they have applied for a permit of stay.

Students holding Italian passport, that have obtained their Italian citizenship in Italy, born in Italy, but residing abroad are entitled to 90 days hospital cover for emergency situations (consecutive or not) in a calendar year. If you have an Italian passport and wish to obtain full cover by our national system, you must first elect residency in Italy. Registration will then be free of charge.

If you need to see a doctor while at MIP and you do not have a general practitioner you can ask the ISO to be referred to a local doctor. If it is an emergency, you will need to visit a Prontosoccorso, the emergency ward of a hospital.

  • Ambulance: 118
  • Red Cross: 02 3883
  • After hour on call doctor: 02 34567
  • OSPEDALE LUIGI SACCO - Via G. B. Grassi 74, Tel. +39 0239041
  • OSPEDALE FATEBENEFRATELLI - Corso Porta Nuova 23, Tel. +39 0263631
  • OSPEDALE MAGGIORE (“POLICLINICO”) - Via F. Sforza 35, Tel. +39 0255031
  • OSPEDALE SAN CARLO - Via Pio Secondo 3, Tel. +39 0240221
  • OSPEDALE SAN GIUSEPPE - Via San Vittore 12, Tel. +39 028599
  • OSPEDALE SAN RAFFAELE - Via Olgettina 60, Tel. +39 0226431
  • OSPEDALE SAN PAOLO - Via di Rudinì 8, Tel. +39 0281841
  • OSPEDALE NIGUARDA - Piazza Ospedale Maggiore 3, Tel. +39 0264441

Be aware that the wait at E.R. can be very long, depending on the level of emergency you have. Upon arrival you will be assigned a code: white, green, yellow or red; white being the least urgent and red being a life threatening situation.

Also, the following chemists are open 24 hours a day:

  • The Chemist at the Stazione Centrale - Tel. 02 6690735-0935
  • Farmacia Boccaccio (also homeopathic), Via Boccaccio, 26 - Tel. 02 4695281
  • Farmacia Carlo Erba, Piazza Duomo, 21 - Tel. 02 86464832
  • Farmacia Reale, Via Larga, 16 - Tel. 02 875463



AnesthetistAnestesistaCardiologist; heart specialistCardiologo
Certificate for accidentCertificato d’infortunio Certificate of illness Certificato di malattia
Private clinics or hospitals  Cliniche ed ospedali privati   Accredited   Accreditati
Patient code numberCodice assistito Tax file/code number  Codice fiscale
Regional code number   Codice regionale Dentist  Dentista
Dermatologist  Dermatologo    Districts  Distretti
Ultrasound   Ecografia    Endocrinologist  Endocrinologo
HepatologistEpatologo    Blood tests  Esami del sangue
Ticket exemptionEsenzione ticket    Medicines   Farmaci
Pharmacy, chemistFarmaciaInvoice Fattura


PhysiotherapistFisioterapista    Gastroenterologist   Gastroenterologo
Gynecologist   Ginecologo    Pregnancy   Gravidanza
Emergency home visit    Guardia Medica    Prescription   Impegnativa
Accident   Incidente    Laboratory   Laboratorio delle analisi
Illnes   Malattia   Faintness   Malore
General practitioner  Medico generico  Medical specialist Medico specialista
Homeopathy   Omeopatia    Orthopedist   Ortopedico
Hospital  Ospedale    Otorhinolaryngologist   Otorinolaringoiatra
Emergency ward; first aid Pronto Soccorso   Psychiatrist Psichiatra
Psychologist Psicologo    Hospitalization  Ricovero ospedaliero


National Health System  Sistema Sanitario NazionaleHealth card  Tessera sanitaria
VaccinationsVaccinazioni   Medical home visitVisita a domicilio

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