If you are planning to stay in Italy with your spouse or your entire family, there will be different options for you, depending on the citizenship of your family member and on the length of your stay in Italy

If you are a non-European citizen, it is important to always refer to the Italian Consulate in your own country to enquire about what the available visa options are for your family.

As a general rule, children under the age of 14, once they have entered Italy, will be registered on the parent’s permit of stay, without having to obtain a separate one.

Family Cohesion

Family cohesion can be requested if you hold a regular permit of stay for Italy and wish to obtain a cohesion with a family member who has already joined you in Italy (for reasons such as studies, tourism etc.). Family cohesion is the procedure you can follow to obtain a permit of stay for family reasons for your family members. This residence permit will be linked to yours and will have the same duration. This option is open only to students who will study in Milan for at least one year and hold a relating permit of stay valid for at least one year.

This information is for guidance only as migration law can be subject to continual changes and modifications, and the final decision on issues of migration are the prerogative of consular or immigration authorities.

Please note that MIP is not responsible for any migration procedure or other procedures pertaining your family.

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