As a rule, non-EU students will need to obtain a visa to study in Italy. Visa application is to be submitted to the Italian Consulate or Embassy nearest to your place of origin or to the place where you reside habitually. Your Program Office will inform you in due time about visa requirements and provide you with the necessary document confirming your admission.

Visa application can usually be filed 3 months before your intended arrival in Italy.

Students who start one of our masters in another EU country and hold a valid residence permit of that country, do not always need to obtain a visa to enter Italy and continue their studies here. It will be evaluated case by case.

If your intended stay is longer than 90 days, together with your visa, you will need to have your original visa letter validated by stamp at the consulate. This is done at the same time as your visa. Please ensure that you have received it when collecting your visa as the original stamped document is required for the application for your permit of stay, upon arrival in Milan.

For detailed information, please visit HERE.

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