Declaration of Value

Prior to arrival, you have to start the process for obtaining the Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di valore). This document officially attests the validity of your degree in Italy by comparing it with our education system. It is issued by Italian Diplomatic Authorities, printed on their headed paper, stamped and signed. This is obtainable at the Italian Embassy, Consulate or Italian Cultural Institute responsible for the area of the city where you obtained your university degree. The legalized document will enable you to officially become a Politecnico student and enjoy all the associated privileges. Please refer to the Italian Consulate or Embassy for the list of required documents. We recommend that you start the procedure months in advance of your arrival.

In place of your Declaration of Value, you can provide a Statement of Comparability of your Degree for your enrollment.


Statement of Comparability

The statement of comparability is a document which contains general information related to the foreign university qualification, such as recognition/accreditation status of the institution from which it has been issued in the country of origin and the level of the qualification according to the Bologna Process and to the European Qualifications Framework, besides the indication of the nature of the course.

Comparability means the indication of the foreign qualification’s level in reference to the cycles of the Bologna Process and the levels of the European Qualifications Framework. Such comparison does not imply the formal recognition of foreign qualification within the Italian system, but it is a useful recommendation to the Italian institutions that have to evaluate the foreign qualification within recognition procedures: the Statement of comparability has the form of an advice, and does not bind the institutions during their own procedures of assessment and recognition.

The service is only available for official university qualifications (being officially part of the foreign system of higher education) issued by foreign official institutions (recognised/accredited in the foreign system of higher education).

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