Living Expenses for Milan

At MIP, we have students coming from all across the world, from many different cities, countries and regions. Due to this,  Milan will seem to some of you like quite an expensive city, whilst to others it will seem more reasonable.
In reality, the cost of living in Milan is comparable to many other large European cities. The information below is to give you an idea of how to budget and prepare your living expenses for Milan.

Below is a short description of the cost of renting for various options in Milan and the price is also depending on the location.

  • From €350 to € 525 for a shared room in a residence
  • From €450 to €675 for a single room in a residence
  • From €300 to €500 for a shared room in private apartments
  • From €400 to €700 for a single room in private apartments
  • From €650 to €1100 for an apartment (studio or one bedroom)

Prices may vary according to offers we receive at the time of your arrival. Cost  can also rise depending if utilities are included or not. Consider the above fares as indicative only. You will always be requested to pay the deposit.

Food is one of the great experiences of Italy, and Milan has an excellent range of restaraunts, cafés and bars that serve high quality food from around the world. Furthermore, supermarkets and specialty shops provide fresh and reasonably priced food. In addition to supermarkets, each area of Milan usually has a communal street market at least once a week, where local farmers and producers sell their products directly to the consumers.

Below are some general costs associated with food and eating in Milan.

  • Lunch in a café with sandwich or a pasta dish and a drink: €5-10
  • Lunch at University Canteen: €3-7.50
  • Lunch or dinner in Pizzeria: €10-25
  • Dinner in a restaurant: €20-€70
  • Average weekly shopping in a supermarket: from €40 to €60

Students are recommended to prepare a weekly food budget to help keep costs in check.

Milan has a fantastic nightlife, and many cheap and suitable options and events for students. Below are some of the costs associated with going out in Milan.

  • Aperitif (pre-dinner drinks with free access to a buffet table, often a substitute for dinner): €5 to €10
  • Pubs and bars: €15 to €30
  • Clubs and concerts: €20 to €40

Milan, the capital of fashion in Italy, has plenty of shops for clothing and other items to meet different price ranges, styles and needs. Depending on your taste and budget you can get very cheap cloths (€15 for a pair of jeans or trousers for example) or expensive designer cloths. This usually depends on the type of shop and area the shop is located.

Additionally there are separate times throughout the year when stores will have their summer and winter sales. These generally start around the first week of January for the winter sales, and the first week of July for the summer sales.


Milan has efficient and relatively inexpensive public transport. Below are the cost associated with

  • Monthly pass – under 27 years of age: €22
  • Monthly pass : €35
  • One way ticket: €1.50
  • One day ticket: €4.50 - Two days ticket: €8.25 - Weekly 2x6: €10 

Travelling in and around Lombardy
Train tickets would be around €10 one way,  to nice destinations near the lakes or in the mountains.
Travelling throughout the rest of Italy by train will see the costs rise proportionately.
Please note that some cities and regions of Italy, it is cheaper and more convenient to fly to, using a budget air carrier.
For more information, please visit the Public Transport in Milan page.

Due to a recently introduced law, it is illegal in Italy to make cash payments exceeding €2.999.
Credit cards are widely accepted at many businesses and shops, with exception to government buildings and small retailers. Only some of the student residences accept credit card payment. Travellers cheques are hardly accepted anywhere.

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