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current position

Full Professor
Core Faculty 

educational background

MSc Course(s): Electronic Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, 1983 

academic and research areas

MSc Course(s): Economics of innovation; Creation of high tech enterprises
MIP Academic area: Economics, Industrial Economics, International Economics (EIIE) 
Research area: Applied Economics 
Research field: Technical change and innovation; Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance

other information

Visiting Professor at ETH Zurich, PhD course in Innovation and entrepreneurship, at Copenhagen Business School and at Warwick University (1996).
Member of the Board of the Association Internationale de Management Stratégique (AIMS), 1992-1997.
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of DRUID, Copenhagen 1995-2000.
Member of the Advisory Board of CIRET-Politecnico di Milano (since 1996).
Member of the Advisory Board of CRORA-Università Bocconi (since 1999).
Elected Representative at-large, Knowledge and Innovation Interest Group, Strategic Management Society (2005-2008).
Chairman of the Steering committee of PICO FP6 Project on “Academic entrepreneurship from knowledge creation to knowledge diffusion”.
Scientific Coordinator of VICO FP7 Project on “Financing entrepreneurial ventures in Europe: Impact on innovation, employment growth, and competitiveness”.


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