What is Mentorship for MIP?

It is a process of sharing technical knowledge mastered by a mentor with a qualified experience: he or she will support the mentee giving advices and behavioural models in order to reach specific professional goals.

Why mentorship ?

In line with our Smart Learning strategy mentorship project is related to personal and professional development activities offered by our Career Developement Office. The sharing of competences between mentor and mentee is aimed to offer a new strategical mindset together with some managerial tools.

The topics

A series of topics have been identified by the School. The mentee will choose some of them in order to focus the mentorship session:

  • Business plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Project management (big project)
  • Innovation (product and/or service)
  • Digital: business impacts
  • People management
Our Mentors

More than 30 Alumni and Top manager among our Community, have choosen to join the project, sharing their competences and experiences gathered at MIP Masters and professional career.
Through the mentorship, Mentors have decided to give back what they have learned in their experience at MIP, sharing their competences and best practices with the Mentees. Discover our Mentors

The process

The mentee could request the access to the mentorship by filling in a form where he/she will point out the topics on which he/she wants to focus during the sessions. Once MIP staff have analyzed the mentee’s needs, they will identify a mentor that could match with their needs. 
At the end of the path, Mentors and Mentees will complete a survey in order to give a feedback about the effectiveness of the project.
Mentors will be available at least for two sessions, in presence or via Skype: according to the needs, the committment and the relationship created, there could be the possibility to do more than the two session provided.