In order to promote both interaction and the exchange of professional know-how among all alumni, various interest groups were created, with the aim of organising events and activities on different topics, open to all.

Innovits is a non-profit initiative started within MIP's Alumni community and run in collaboration with MIP International MBA.

Started in 2010 by Roberto Sapio at the end of his MBA at MIP, Innovits gradually developed among MIP alumni network and was finally established as an independent association open to everyone who wants to contribute to its development.

Innovits’s mission is to foster the birth and development of innovative startups contributing to spreading an entrepreneurial culture and supporting the collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors, managers, educational institutions and any other subjects useful to achieve the objective. All activities to support enterprises are carried out offering consultancy and services completely for free, both by the Innovits team members and all subjects involved in the activities organised.

Since its beginning, Innovits main activity has been a competition of ideas that is carried out every year from September to May. This competition is composed by the following phases:

  • Selection of the most promising startups, by means of a “call for ideas” open to everyone in all business sectors and a following careful analysis of the ideas quality in terms of competitive advantage, feasibility, and experience of the entrepreneurial teams in the specific business – the selection criteria are 100% meritocratic and the selected entrepreneurs will never have to pay anything.
  • Selection of the tutors for the selected projects based on a “call for tutors” specifically addressed to the MIP’s alumni network, the analysis of the professional profiles of the candidates and the interviews results.
  • Matching of every selected project with a tutor, on the basis of required competencies and experience in the specific sector, and with a group of MIP’s International MBA students.
  • Development of a business plan for each project carried out by the students under the entrepreneur’s guidance and the tutor’s consultancy. During the development of the business plan, Innovits organise seminars and coaching activities on subjects related to innovation and startups, both to improve projects and their presentation and to develop the cultural background of the people involved. Some seminars organised by Innovits are held in the format of open events.
  • Selection of the best business plans and their presentation in a final event – organised by Innovits in collaboration with MIP – where business angels and venture capitalists are invited to compose the jury that will vote the best entrepreneurial idea.

For more information please visit InnoVits website, Facebook and LinkedIN pages.