language English
type Part-time
intake October 2019
length 20 months
location Milan + 2 International Weeks
tuition fee € 32.000
required experience 3+ years

International Part Time MBA programs Admission Office

Life in Milan

Living and studying in Milan offers a broad exposure to an international business community and opens up an array of opportunities thanks to its rich entrepreneurial network and the wide variety of sectors present in the territory. Home to 400 banks and major industrial companies, Milan is often described as the “Locomotive of Italy”; it is at the heart of a manufacturing system that generates 21% of Italy’s GDP and its strong economic base has made it one of Italy’s most influential cities.

Milan is also an international center for the fashion industry and a world leader in design. Here the ingrained manufacturing tradition is flanked by a culture of progress and experimentation, enterprise and production. It is a cultural city at the forefront of modern Italy where the most important events, shows and exhibitions take place. Trade fairs are an important resource of the city which allow enterprises, particularly small and medium ones, to connect with international markets.

This city possesses an efficient infrastructure system and its well-developed road, rail and airport connections make it a major tourist destination in Europe.
Milan is known for being a dynamic city that even after 2000 years of history is still evolving. And yet in this constant change, where new buildings replacing the old ones, there is a balance between the rich historical heritage and modernity. And this is what makes Milan unique in Italy: a combination of both new and old.

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