language English
type Part-time
intake October 2017
length 20 months
location Milan + International Week
tuition fee € 30.000
required experience 3+ years

International Part Time MBA programs Admission Office

The International Part Time MBA



The MBA is a modular program, which must be completed within a three-year period

  • 20 months
  • Part-time weekend format
  • Lessons held on campus on one weekend per month
  • Face-to-face lessons combined with digital learning platform
  • Three full-week sessions (one per solar year)

Full-week sessions consolidate learning and focus on the latest management specializations. They are comprised of:

  • International Week in Autumn 2017 at EADA Business School, Barcelona
  • One week at MIP in Autumn 2018 on general management topics 
  • Management Boot Camp in Spring 2018 or Spring 2019

 Further options:

  • Second Boot Camp opportunity in a different time window
  • Additional study tour in Silicon Valley
  • Substitute Boot Camp of specialization with two long weekends at MIP on soft skills 

The inbuilt flexibility of the course enables students to plan their preferred work and study schedule.


Kick off your MBA studies by breaking the ice and building team spirit with your fellow students on the first week of your course in Barcelona at EADA, a top-ranking business school situated in one of the most dynamic and beautiful cities in Spain. 

The skills learnt at EADA will accelerate your professional and personal development, providing a competitive edge for both you and your employer.


Live the International Week through the eyes of our students!



An “optional extra” to the Boot Camp, this is an intensive one-week study tour offering unique and valuable business and cultural insights as students are exposed to the Silicon Valley ecosystem. By means of a series of meetings with executives, company visits and cultural excursions, students deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship and other hot topics.

Whatever your goal, be it launching your own venture or understanding entrepreneurial thinking, a week in Silicon Valley will open you up to a whole new culture and help sharpen up your ideas for a start-up business.



Students participating in our International MBAs are given the opportunity to study abroad, taking part in courses offered by our partner business schools. A range of programs is available to enrich the international experience.

 To find more information on our exchange programs, or to see an extensive list of MIP's partner schools, visit MIP's International Exchange Program page. 

The first purpose of an MBA course is to endow students with a basic knowledge of general management, to develop their decision-making and innovation capabilities. The first part of the MBA Program addresses this need with courses that give a 360-degree vision of the workplace

  • Business Law
  • Business Planning
  • Business Statistics
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Economics and Global Business
  • Finance
  • Financial accounting
  • Digital transformation
  • Industrial Economics
  • Innovation and Project Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Supply Chain and Operations management
  • Organization Theory & Design - HR Management - Decision Making
  • Organizational Behaviour

Candidates learn about emerging management topics under the mentorship of industry experts and company executives from MIP’s corporate network.

Eleven different options are available – the Program comprises a minimum of one and maximum of two Boot Camps:

  • Before Going Global: International Market Assessment
  • Going Global: Managing an international business
  • Sustainability& Business Ethics
  • Circular Economy
  • Industry 4.0
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Luxury & Made in Italy Excellence
  • Design Thinking: Journey from Meanings to Solutions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Soft Skills Program
  • Silicon Valley Experience


Live the MBA Boot camp experience through the eyes of our students!

 Outdoor trainings and personal development activities are proposed to participants in order to help them to:

  • Grow as a person and as a manager
  • Develop soft skills: the art of negotiation, public speaking, leadership
  • Build a solid network of interpersonal relationships 

 Moreover, the Career Development Office offers personalized programs of assessment and development: 

  • CV Check – identify preferred career strategy
  • CV Book – collection of all CVs with special access available to companies with job opportunities
  • Careers advice – dedicated one-to-one slots for specific points arising during the course
  • Career counselling with head hunter – tools for professional positioning
  • Career days – the opportunity to meet companies and headhunting firms face to face
  • Networking with companies – meet key business community players, enjoy access to a series of global career networks and the school’s Job Board.


The MIP faculty is made up of professors with extremely diverse professional and educational backgrounds. Faculty members draw on their own consulting work and the immense research facilities of the Politecnico di Milano to provide up-to-date, diverse and relevant material for lectures and business cases, and routinely strive to be readily accessible to students and to make classroom time a rewarding and exciting experience. Additionaly, the Faculty is composed of a large number of Visiting Professor from other prestigious international universities, which is further representative of the highly globalised environment of the school.


Professor Shunk explains the importance of gaining a global view through the MBA.