language English
type Full-time
intake September 2019
length 12 months
location Milan
tuition fee € 34,000
university requirements 3 years Bachelor degree (minimum 180 ECTS)

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Our Alumni experience interesting evolutions in their career in terms of different functional role, different industry and different geographical location after completing their MBA. An MBA doesn't necessarily guarantee your dream career, but it is an enabler for changes and it prepares you to face the challenges ahead! MIP's MBA graduates are forging successful careers in a range of sectors, from manufacturing to luxury, from energy to consulting. If you'd like to find out more about where an MBA at MIP can take you, let us know and we can put you in contact with some of our MBA graduates who are happy to share their experiences with you.

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MBA students at MIP Politecnico di Milano come from many different countries, with each bringing their own knowledge and experience from a different and unique place in the world!
Every MBA student makes their own special and personalised contribution to the experience and growth of each MBA class. What will you contribute?


The idea of bringing the Oath to MIP was raised by a small group of MBA students who acknowledged that, in part, the current crisis was due to the errors and misconduct of managers, both in private companies and in public organizations. As MBA students and future managers, they believe that it is their duty to confront difficult topics such as ethics and decision making in complex contexts. By taking the Oath, they challenged themselves to analyse their own beliefs and commit to upholding the highest ethical standards in the communities in which they will operate.

The way you choose to behave as a professional and as a member of the business community has an incredibly important impact. You have power over your own professional ethics, and you have the choice to do partner with socially responsible businesses, invest in the positive development of yourself and those around you, and think through the ripple effect of each of those not so small after all decisions.
The Oath Project

The business school made available the resources needed for the students’ initiative and what started as an idea amongst a few MBA students eventually involved the majority of the MBA class. A small Oath Ceremony was held at the end of classes before each person went their own way to participate in the individual internships.

MIP Politecnico di Milano is extremely enthusiastic about supporting the signing of the Oath and all it stands for. After all, much attention has been directed to the role that business schools played in creating the current crisis and many questioned whether the way business students are taught was a contributing factor, that is there was too much focus on maximizing shareholder value rather than on the ethical and social considerations essential to business leadership. MIP is, therefore, extending its dedication to becoming part of the solution, sharing its strongly held ethical ideals and to creating a culture of socially responsible managers.

Although this year’s students are about to graduate and move onto their next adventure, MIP is enlisting their assistance in encouraging the latest intake of MBA students to become a part of the process and help them to appreciate the importance of a culture of high ethical standards for corporate and social responsibility. MIP’s future leaders, however, are not limited to those studying an MBA, therefore, MIP will extend the invitation to all of its students enrolled in management programs.

We anticipate the Oath will not only become an integral part of business education at MIP, but will be a school-wide event and important ceremony designed to instil pride and commitment amongst our graduates, however significant their role may be in shaping the businesses practices of the future.
Being the first edition, we are extremely proud that our initiative, which began with just few students, continues to grow steadily. Not bad for the first MBA class ever to take the Oath in an Italian business school! We have already introduced the idea to the incoming MBA class and we were encourage by the enthusiasm they showed as well as the school’s dedication to the project’s continued success!
Stefano Barazzetta – MBA 2012
Oath Project at MIP co-organiser

The decision regarding which business school I was going to choose, was a strong starting point on this journey. After a careful research about the top business schools in Europe, I decided to stay in touch with a few of them. I considered MIP because it’s well-positioned in various European Rankings and has partnerships with prestigious worldwide companies as Allianz, Elli Lilly, IBM, Luxottica, Microsoft. While being in touch with the recruitment department, I felt MIP was the right business school for me because of its cross-discipline study plan and the high qualified teaching staff. Moreover, I contacted some MIP current students, who shared their personal experiences, manifesting the excellence of the school which increased and maintained my motivation regarding choosing MIP.

When I decided to quit my job I was willing to change industry, but I knew that to make a real change in my career I had to learn new skills and competences to be able to broaden my horizon. I have always been interested in technological innovation and entrepreneurship and I was curious about living an international experience in Italy and abroad. As soon as I learnt that MIP provided all these elements in one International MBA program, I realized it was the best option to boost my career and make a radical change. Eventually, I wanted to work in an incubator. The career service supported me in orienteering along this new journey providing me with a unique job opportunity I caught immediately, and now here I am: Investor Relations Leader in PoliHub.Now I do a very motivating job, I improved my soft skills, and last but not least, I have a lot of new friends around the world! I could have never hoped for more than this.

Deciding to study an MBA is by far one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to face. For most of us coming all the way to Milan to study an MBA implied more than just switching country, but changing culture, quitting a secure job, and facing the uncertainty of “ Now what? ”, once you finish. One year after that, I can tell you the choice couldn’t have been any better.

MIP provides a world-class Full-Time MBA program with a rich and promising study plan, very well prepared faculty and professors and a wide range of opportunities for both personal and professional development. Studying an MBA at MIP in Milan not only changes your mindset (you’ll be studying in the capital of fashion of Italy and the engine of Italian economy) but gives you a full exposure to a wide range of companies (local and multinationals) from all sectors. The University has a vast network of contacts that can open multiple doors throughout your MBA path.

In my case, I had the opportunity to be one of the 5 winners allowed to spend one day with the CEO of a company thanks to the initiative “CEO for One Day”, with over 400 applicants of the best business schools of Italy, and spend a day in Corriere della Sera with the Director of the newspaper. During the World Business Forum (Milano 2013) I had the pleasure to assist Martin Lindstrom, recipient of TIME Magazine's "World's 100 Most Influential People" in 2009 and even share ideas and experiences with him.

Last but not the least, MIP offers you the opportunity to undertake a project work in a company for 3 months after lessons finish. This is an incredible opportunity that worked in the best possible way for me, as I’m finishing my first month in AUDI AG, in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Describing my MBA experience in a few words is quite challenging and Mimsie Ladner’s article ‘What I've Learned From Travelling and Living Abroad’ aptly describes it- full of exciting experiences some of which include the personal development outdoor activities in the adventure park, with lessons of endurance and striking the balance between personal achievement and looking out for members of your team, and the intense ‘Dialogo nel Buio Experience’.

The didactic activities, concentration and countless team assignments have helped challenge my stereotypes and provided me with a platform to interact and learn from diverse ways of thinking and backgrounds present in the class. Most importantly, this experience has helped me to appreciate diversity not because there are no challenges but our life experiences are enriched and we get to learn a lot more than what Google search, or any media can provide.

Looking back at my 'MIPean' MBA experience, I could recall several lessons learned and fruitful takings that were accumulated all over this year.

First, there was the true international experience within the program that was manifested not only during the classes but throughout the whole unique MBA lifestyle. The diversity was an aspect that I had to deal with when I was exposed to approximately 20 different nationalities per day carrying with them all their backgrounds, mindsets and personal experiences.

Second, there was the "bits and bits of everything" style of education, where one has the rare chance of having a glance on every possible side of the business world. Coming from a specialised engineering background, I had to grasp the breadth of topics coverage instead of the depth in the subjects discussed. This was also an important aspect that contributes to the uniqueness of the program.

Third, the "extra-ordinary" activities such as the Wold Business Forum 2013, the Project Work, the Business Plan activity, the company visits held by student clubs, and the several contacts with companies from start-ups to multinational ones... all these activities were the result of the school's efforts, established connections and improvement objectives mixed with the students enthusiasm and the "fertile environment" that was naturally created.

Finally, for the future MBA students: If I were in your position, I would take the most out of every activity in this unique program. Every day and occasion throughout this experience is a potential realisation of your particular need.

I had the opportunity to participate in the organizational check up at one of the most important Italian companies "Luxottica". We were challenged to optimize the transportation of the products to the customers, we faced a really complex process, were the experience and MBA knowledge had to be shown during the development of the project. In my case it gave me the chance to demonstrate my capabilities and commitment to open future project opportunities.

After all the work performed, I was offered with a job position that was aligned to my career plans. With the OCU I had the chance to be exposed in a multinational company working along with managers to solve a real issue, challenging my knowledge and experience, which in this case gave me a permanent job position.

When I decided to pursue an MBA I was 31, I was in an open-ended contract and my salary was slightly above the average.

The MBA is the best decision I have ever taken.

To pursue an MBA is an important decision and a disruptive one: economically and personally speaking the MBA is something that heavily impacts on your life. That’s why I decided to sink totally into it to take the most out of it.

During the one year full-time MBA at MIP we attended many classes with outstanding professors that not only delivered significant contents but also shared with us their relevant experience and knowledge. Professor Passerini, CIO of P&G, inspired us with his personal development and Information technology classes. Professor Giorgino and Quillico taught us the importance and the basics of Corporate Finance.

To dive deep into the MBA experience, I decided to spend the electives’ period in a student exchange program at Indian Institute of Management in India, the third best business school in India. At IIM, I had the opportunity to live for nearly 3 months with Indian students, attend classes with highly knowledgeable professors and learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the most important developing countries.

I am now having my Project Work in Bain & Company, and I now appreciate that MIP also taught me to deal with high pressure and hard work burden. This is, indeed, not only a MBA’s student's prerogative but it will be the standard if your objective is to succeed in the working life.

International Full Time MBA course at MIP gave me a great opportunity to learn about business, create an international network and absolutely change my career path. Thanks to the Career Service I had a chance to perform the Organizational Check-up at Indesit Company and Project Work at The Boston Consulting Group. It was an excellent opportunity to experience real-life consultancy projects in Italy. After the MBA program I have decided to continue my international career. I am currently working for CMS Advisors, consulting company in Germany. Here I continue my professional and personal development.

Leaving my comfortable job in India to pursue MBA from MIP, Italy was a big step for me. There was a mixture of excitement and nervousness about breaking out of my comfort zone and facing a completely new world. Our 33rd batch had students from 17 different nationalities. Mingling with people from varied cultures and experiences has been one of the most enriching experiences for me. I have developed a whole new perspective on global issues.

During our entire MBA course of 14 months we worked on several business cases, group activities, soft skill classes, presentation skills and much more. Apart from sharpening my analytical and soft skills, all these activities mostly certainly boosted my self-confidence and I felt more prepared to face new challenges. OCU with ENI gave me my first opportunity to work with a Big Italian company. We got to interact with senior managers and propose new solutions to improve the current working process flow. This gave us a great platform to implement our MBA learnings and bring out creative ways of thinking. Next, as a part of our MBA curriculum; we were required to do an internship.

I was selected by TCC global, a leading loyalty marketing company, to assist in managing integration of Supply Chain Management, Program Management and Logistics through an operational transaction and planning system. The time I joined as an intern in TCC, a new program management module was scheduled to be released. I was involved in the entire cycle of testing, analyzing and implementing this new system. It was a great opportunity because not only did I get to learn the system quickly but I also got to travel to Germany and even train some senior managers on this new module. After 6 months, TCC offered me a full time job as an Assistant Project Manager. I love my job because I get to work in a truly multicultural environment, travel to different countries and work on optimizing the process flow. I can certainly say that pursuing my MBA from MIP was one of the best decisions of my life.

I started my incredible MBA journey in 2012.
From my previous working experience I had a baggage of very technical experience that I wanted to complete with both managerial and soft skills, because I felt my professional profile was lacking of something.
So I decided to start an amazing journey…the International Full Time MBA program at MIP Politecnico di Milano.
During this experience I had the opportunity to appreciate many different mind-sets and cultural diversity. I met people from all over the world and I ran into many challenging tasks.
It was at the same time tough and inspiring and it allowed me to grow both as a person and as a professional.
The MBA was just the beginning of my new path….through the Project Work that the MIP Career Development Office helped me in identifying, I started a new adventure in a global pharmaceutical company: Eli Lilly. In this company I have developed new competencies in the field of supply chain, achieving after one year the role of Supply Chain Planning Manager.
If you feel you have the potential and you want to exploit it, this is the way!

Marketing Manager for Experimental Products, Ferrero

My MBA at MIP was the key for a world of opportunities in which I found my way for my future personal and professional life. People have been my greatest asset during this intense experience: professors taught me how to become a top quality business professional; the Alumni Network opened the doors of the business environment to me; and my MBA colleagues, brilliant, stimulating and open-minded, with whom I shared both tough times of hard work and amazing experiences during club activities and in everyday life. Apart from the normal postgraduate learning process, I have greatly benefited from interacting with international classmates and faculty members, especially during case-study discussions where I discovered how people from various parts of the world solve similar problems in different ways due to diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures. MIP – Politecnico di Milano has indeed transformed me into a more “global person” and equipped me with the skills to face the challenges of the ever evolving global marketplace.
During my MBA Project Work, I had the opportunity to work for Ferrero S.p.A in the Organizational Department with the goal of improving processes and procedures of the whole organization of Ferrero Greece. It was an amazing experience with one of the most reputable companies in the world, and it eventually turned out to be a significant career improvement in which my MBA at MIP contributed to significantly.
I am currently employed in Ferrero as Marketing Manager for Experimental Products and my position is to identify proper market positioning and marketing mix elements for new products.

MIP has a really close relationship with companies. This enables the School to offer Project Work to its students. Thanks to the Project Work offered by MIP, I could go back to business immediately after the MBA and it helped me to change the sector I was working in. Before joining this MBA, I had some experience as an industrial engineer in the field of production in different industries.
In my class there were 50 students from 25 different countries. It was one of the most valuable aspects of the MBA. You can’t imagine how much you can learn about the world from your classmates. Thanks to the program, we spent quite a lot of time together and this enriched our experience in a way that I would never have imagined.
During the MBA, we undertook our Project Work which proved to be a kind of head start for our MBA career seeing as we had spent some time away from the world of business. At first, I thought a Project Work would be a lot easier than a normal job because I was still a student back then. However, things are not like that when you are from MIP. I understood the Project Work mentality on the very first day, when my boss asked me to prepare a market report in 5 hours about an industry I had never worked in before.

Once the Project work was over, I had the chance to continue working within the same company. Some time later I became Country Manager for that same company. Now, I am back in my country and I have started my own company. This company is the distributor of one of the biggest multinational companies in Turkey, in which I made my Project work.
Everyone had a dream in my class when they started the MBA. I had a dream for my future too and some expectations from MIP. MIP made its contribution to my personal story. If you have a dream and you are looking for an MBA of which you have some expectations, you can choose MIP. They will go above and beyond your expectations.

Sales Account Representative for Amazon Marketplace, Milan, Italy

My experience as an MBA student at MIP Politecnico di Milano was great in three aspects: education, people and work opportunities. I was able to meet people with different backgrounds and from different cultures while attending lectures given by professionals in the industry, from Europe, the USA, and Latin America. These lectures were much more than just listening and they taught us to be ready to “think and add”.
Then, even before finishing the program, MIP sponsored work experiences in different international companies for every one of us! After the MBA, I got job offers from 3 different countries and finally decided to go for the position in the e-commerce/fashion business in Yoox, the same company I undertook the Project Work with. I have now moved onto an exciting new project at Amazon. To sum up, MIP offered me a life changing experience with a whole new world of opportunities.

Strategic consultant - fashion & luxury, retail, M&A, Bain & Company, Milan

MIP came to my attention while I was looking for international experience with diversity and a great exposure to fashion and luxury management. The program opened the door for me to visualize business world at a higher level and shaped my thinking in a way that prepares me for the later challenge at Bain. Now every day I am utilizing what I learnt at MIP to help global clients face with various challenges.

HQ CRM and Category Management, Ermenegildo Zegna, Florence

Why I selected MIP: for the international class and because the business school is connected with Politecnico di Milano which has a strong problem solving approach. What I found, I can summarize in a formula: professors + contents + classmates + staff + outdoor activities + organizational check up and company relationship + club + internship + strong orientation to the personal development + friendly environment!
The result: The MBA at MIP was a 360° growing experience! I gained more than what I expected. The school provides the stimulus and it is up to you to live it and maximize it!

Program Officer, Climate Technology, the World Bank, Washington DC

With a background in marketing, I chose a Master in Business Administration to gain a holistic approach to business management. MIP's core strengths in technology, innovation and design are what originally attracted me to the school, acting as a gateway to the top professors and industry contacts in these fields. Moreover, MIP is dedicated to enhancing and fostering students' 'soft skills' including personal development, interpersonal communication and presentation skills which are key to being competitive in today's job market. Another benefit of the program is being in a truly diverse environment with peers from all over the world. Working with and managing cross-disciplinary and multinational teams are an increasingly important skill to have and is inherently learnt through MIP's international MBA program. Throughout MIP's MBA curriculum, I have gained both a theory based and real-world practical skill set that has not only enabled me to successfully reposition my career, but has also proved to be an invaluable life and learning experience.

Before MBA: Sales/ Marketing Specialist, Hinton Information Services, Taipei

After MBA: E-commerce and Customer Relationship Management Specialist, Acer Europe, Milan.

"Before coming to MIP Italy for my MBA, I worked in Taipei for Hinton Information Services as Sales/Marketing Specialist. I did my 3 months project work in Acer Europe in the area of Marketing. After graduating from MIP, I received a job offer to continue to work with them in the area of E-commerce and Customer Relationship Management. Doing an MBA in MIP not only allows me to have an overview of all the business subjects, to improve my English communication skill in the international class setting, but also an opportunity to travel to many beautiful places in Europe! At the professional level, I strengthened my business background knowledge and improved myself tremendously; at the personal level, I enriched my life experience and brought along with me a network of friends from all continents in the world!”

Before MBA: Senior Analyst, Cargill, Buenos Aires

After MBA: Product Manager, Cargill, Milan

"MIP’s experience consists of not only in classroom activities but activities directly linked to the Real World. For example, thanks to MIP’s partnership with the WBF, I was able to work closely with one of the main speakers, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani. I was given a chance to manage his agenda and work as his press officer organizing all the committee activities during the duration of the event. In addition I met people of the calibre of Robert Kaplan, Malcolm Gladwell and Madeleine Allbright. This experience was truly unique and enriching from a personal and professional point of view. It provides yet another example of how MIP offers its students exciting and up-to-date activities."

Before MBA: Business Consultant at IBM Global Services, Netherlands

After MBA: Innovation Consultant at DCE Consultants, Netherlands

Why did you choose an MBA at MIP? The reason I went to Milan, was because of the elective in Design management. Before I went to MIP, I was a Business Consultant at IBM, and wanted to change from this more technical environment (my background is Industrial Engineering and Management Science) to the Design industry. I have always been interested in Fashion and Design. When you come close to your 30th birthday, you start thinking about life and your career up till that moment. For me the time was there to make a change in my career, and start doing what I really like, both personally and professionally.
When I searched the internet for courses and education that would fit this Fashion and Design profile, I came across the MBA course at MIP. At that point in time, I wanted to make two moves. The first was to move towards an industry I really like and the second to further build on my management skills by attending an MBA. The MBA offered by MIP, with its elective in Design Management was therefore the perfect fit!

Can you tell us what you learned from the Design & Luxury Management concentration? The main thing I learned from the Design Management concentration is how to cope with designers as a manager. Although it’s great fun to work with designers, they clearly see things from a different perspective, and work in an entirely different way to managers. For example the workshop ‘Strategic Design Management’ was a great way to interact with actual designers, and a great way to see their viewpoint on things. Additionally, the concentration provides you with all the tools you need to become a Design Manager in the future. The great thing about the elective is thereby that some of the courses are given in cooperation with other MBA’s from the United States, France, and Belgium. If and when you get the chance to work on business cases with people from all continents, you naturally learn most about the subject.