language English
type Full-time
intake September 2019
length 12 months
location Milan
tuition fee € 34,000
university requirements 3 years Bachelor degree (minimum 180 ECTS)

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Awarded by MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business, this partial scholarship is offered to one outstanding 2019/20 MBA candidate.

The scholarship is named after Gianluca Spina, who was the Dean of MIP Graduate School of Business and Full Professor in Business Management and Supply Chain Management at the Department of Management Economics and Industrial Engineering of Politecnico di Milano.

Candidates are chosen by a University-wide selection Committee.

1. Beneficiaries and Requirements
In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates with an outstanding personal, academic and professional background are asked to present the following documentation:
• Application Form
• GMAT with a minimum score of 600 (or GRE equivalent)
• TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or CPE certificates
• Relevant letters of reference
• Admission to the 2019/20 MBA Programme and payment of corresponding admission fees
• A 2000 word essay on the innovative potential of digital technologies in the field of smart manufacturing and supply chains, focusing on the impact that these technologies have on production and supply chain processes, as well as on work content and work organisation.

2. Incompatibility and Loss of Scholarship
This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships, awards and/or financial support for specialisation courses offered by public or private bodies and/or companies, as long as the total amount does not exceed the total amount of the tuition fees.
The beneficiary must self-certify that this total sum is not exceeded.
The beneficiary must comply with this condition for the whole duration of the MBA programme.
In order to retain their rights to the scholarship, beneficiaries of a financial grant awarded on the basis of merit will be expected to maintain good academic performance throughout the MBA programme, according to minimum standards set by the School. The right to the scholarship is subject to the participant duly completing their 2019/20 MBA programme.

3. Submitting the Application and Outcome
Participants must send their application by e-mail to infomasters@mip.polimi.it, with MBA SCHOLARSHIP SPINA 2019/20 written in the subject line, no later than April 30th 2019
Only completed applications delivered within the due date will be submitted to the Committee.
Candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
• academic and professional record,
• results of the MBA selection process,
• assessment of their written essay
The successful candidate will be notified formally by the Committee by letter no later than May 30th 2019.
The scholarship is awarded at the sole discretion of the Committee, whose decision is final and cannot be appealed against.
Several unsuccessful applicants may be placed on a waiting list and be reconsidered, at the discretion of the Committee, if the candidate who was awarded the scholarship withdraws his or her application.

4. Project Activities
The recipient of the scholarship is expected to carry out a project assigned by the Director of the MBA Programme, in agreement with the MBA Faculty.

5. Acceptance of the conditions
By applying to this scholarship and accepting the ensuing award, candidates fully agree to the conditions contained herein.
Under penalty of the immediate withdrawal of their scholarship, the successful candidate must confirm that they are enrolled on the MBA programme for 2019/20, as well as formally accepting all scholarship conditions by informing the Admissions Office within the deadline indicated in the letter confirming that he/she has been awarded the scholarship.