language English
type Full-time
intake September 2019
length 12 months
location Milan
tuition fee € 34,000
university requirements 3 years Bachelor degree (minimum 180 ECTS)

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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive from prospective students interested in our International MBA Program. 

If you do not find an answer to your question below, please contact us at infomasters@mip.polimi.it.

How long is the MBA program and when does it start?
The MBA program begins in September of each year and has a duration of 12 months which includes:

  • 1st term, 2 Months online distance learning.
  • 2nd term, 3 Months on campus.
  • 3rd term, 3 Months on campus with companies.
  • 4th term, 3 Months final Project Work and graduation.

In what language is the MBA held?
The MBA course is held entirely in English, however we recognize the importance of speaking Italian and therefore we provide, as a part of the course Italian language lessons during the Basics in Action phase.
For Italians or students with complete fluency in Italian, we offer Business English courses.

How is the curriculum structured?
Our primary aim is to give our participants strong competencies and skills for their entire career. In order to pursue this goal, the MBA Program is based on 4 pillars: Basics in Digital, Basics in Action, Management Boot Camp and the Project Work. Download the MBA brochure for details.

What is the expected personal commitment?
MBA students are expected to give priority to their MBA studies. Generally, they will be involved in classes for around 6 hours a day. Apart from classroom sessions, MIP places great importance on Complementary Curricula and students should view this as an opportunity for further growth and practical experience.
These activities include field experiences such as in-company projects, business game, entrepreneurial projects and competitions as well as business seminars with company representatives and alumni talks. Attendance is compulsory for most of these activities.

What are the teaching methods used?
The International MBA is a program which responds to today’s business needs. The unique training formula combines technological know-how with management skills and incorporates 4 fundamental elements:

  • Analytical approach to problem solving.
  • Innovation and technology.
  • Development of interpersonal and soft skills to create well-rounded candidates.
  • Close collaboration with our wide company network.

The diversified teaching methodologies include: interactive lessons, business cases, group activities, business seminars, outdoor training, assessment centre, business games and business plan.

What is the exam structure like?
Each core subject and concentration finishes with a final exam and an evaluation will also be made of the Project Work based on the feedback of the in-company tutor and MIP tutor. Students will also give a final presentation on their own Project Work. Grading is according to the Italian system.

Are Pre-Courses available?
All students undertaking the MBA will be sent online pre-courses to update their skills and knowledge prior to beginning the MBA. These courses need to be finished before course commencement; however the students may follow them in their own time and at their own pace.

Will I be able to learn Italian?
Just living in Italy presents so many possibilities for learning Italian and each person’s progress will depend greatly on the effort they put in. MIP also offers students the encouragement and assistance needed to gain confidence in the language providing Italian classes during the Basics in Action phase. Over the years, MIP has had many MBA students from all sorts of language backgrounds who have achieved excellence in the language.  

Will I be able to attend an exchange program with another School?
Yes! We have a range of exchanges available and these vary in duration from 1 week to 3 months. There is also a dual degree program where participants are awarded two qualifications from two institutions. In the shorter programs, students will undertake some electives during the exchange. Our partner schools come from the world over and we are constantly seeking out new agreements to offer our students a wide choice in terms of country, duration and the types of electives to study.
For an updated partner schools list – see the International Exchange Program page.

Do I need a computer?
We recommend that each student has their own laptop for their own convenience. It is not an essential item at school since study areas are provided with PCs, however, students may be required to do homeworks on a laptop.

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MBA Admissions 
Tel: +39 02 2399 2820
E-mail: infomasters@mip.polimi.it


What are the requirements for applying?
MBA candidates must possess, as a minimum, a Bachelor degree, 3 years of work experience, and fluency in the English language.

In order to make application, candidates must supply the following:

  • Online Application
  • €150 application fee
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of university degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • Copy of official university transcripts
  • GMAT score (MIP school code 7455) or GRE (optional)
  • MIP test score 
  • Certificate of English Proficiency. We accept TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (C1) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2) (MIP school code 7455). Exception for native speakers and certain candidates with previous experience living, working or studying in an English speaking context.
  • 2 letters of reference

What are the application deadlines?
Application deadlines may vary from year to year, but they are usually: The final deadline is July 15th of the same year. Please note that we are processing applications on a rolling basis. Due to the limited number of seats available in the class, applications may close even before the final deadline. Non-EU candidates need to apply at least 3 months before the program start.

How will I be notified of my admissions decision and when?
Admission is on a rolling basis, therefore each application is processed in the order that it is received. Furthermore, earlier applications are given preference over later ones. The decision whether to award admission to the MBA is communicated via email within roughly 2 weeks of the application being completed (that is the interview has been done and all outstanding requirements and documents have been provided). Generally financial aid is also announced at the same time, unless another arrangement has been made.

What is the selection process based on?
Successful candidates should, in particular, demonstrate the following characteristics in their application:

  • Meaningful professional experience
  • Successful academic record
  • A humble attitude and openness to learn
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Maturity and self-motivation
  • Commitment to self-improvement
  • Drive to achieve full potential
  • A passion for knowledge
  • Strong motivation to make own personal contribution to the class
  • Cultural sensitivity

How can I submit the application?
All applications have to be submitted online on www.applyformasters.net. If you would like any sort of assistance with the application, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at infomasters@mip.polimi.it. We are happy to provide you with individual and personalized guidance.

Can I apply again if my application is not accepted?
You may apply the following year with a new application.

Is there a minimum required GMAT/GRE score?
We request that students aim for 600 to 620 on the GMAT scale. We will take into consideration lower scores depending on the quality of the rest of the application.

What is the MIP test?
The MIP test is MIP’s own admissions exam that must be taken compulsorily in addition to the motivational interview that candidates must sit. 

Which degrees do you accept?
Bachelor degrees in just about any discipline are acceptable. The final decision will be made also based on what type of work experience the candidate has accrued.

Will I have to take the TOEFL/IELTS tests?
You can choose which English certificate you would like to take. Generally they have a validity of 2 years. Some candidates may be exempted from providing the English certificate if they are native English speakers or can demonstrate that they have extensive experience working, living or studying in an English speaking environment.

Do I have to come to the School for my interview?
If you are located near the school or visiting Milan, we would be most happy to receive you on campus for your interview. However, given the international nature of the student body, this is not feasible in most cases. We therefore conduct interviews via Skype using a webcam.

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For More Information

MBA Admissions 
Tel: +39 02 2399 2820
E-mail: infomasters@mip.polimi.it

What is the cost of the MBA Program?
The Full-time MBA tuition fee is EUR 34,000 for both domestic and international students. All other costs (except travel and living expenses) are included in the fee. All candidates will receive company sponsorships of EUR 5000 from the MBA Partner Companies. 

What type of financial aid is available?
MIP has many options available for financial aid; some are offered by MIP itself and others by our collaborators. Consult the MIP Financial Aid page on the website for a full and up-to-date list. Students can apply for as many MIP contributions as they wish, but may only receive one.

How can I apply for MIP Financial Aid?
You should write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it to request for the Financial Aid Request Form or get it from the representative whom you are in contact with upon making application. Some contributions will also require an additional essay, motivational letter or competition entry.

Can I request loans?
While MIP does not offer loans itself, we have explored some loan options for our students, so please contact us for further information: infomasters@mip.polimi.it.

How much do pre-courses / Italian language course cost?
There is absolutely no additional cost for either of these courses.

Will I have to buy didactic material?
No, you will be provided with these by the MBA Program Office. There will also be no extra charge for books as the cost is covered in the fee.

What is the cost of living in Milan?
The cost of living is comparable to many other important European capitals. We recommend that students budget for around EUR 1000 per month, however these costs will vary depending on each person’s personal spending habits. Ask infomasters@mip.polimi.it for a break-down of monthly living costs.

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For More Information

MBA Admissions 
Tel: +39 02 2399 2820
E-mail: infomasters@mip.polimi.it

What is the cost of living in Milan?
The cost of living in Milan is comparable to many other European capitals. We recommend that students foresee around EUR 1000 per month, however these costs will vary depending on each person’s personal spending habits.

Where is MIP located in Milan?
MIP is located in the north-west of Milan at the Bovisa site, a brand new campus just 2 trains stops from the centre of Milan. It is also well serviced by buses and trams.

Where can I stay during my studies?
MIP has a range of agreements with various residences around Milan, each with fast and easy access to the Bovisa campus, or we can assist you in finding short term private accommodation. Visit the International Students Officepage to find out more.

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For More Information

MBA Admissions 
Tel: +39 02 2399 2820
E-mail: infomasters@mip.polimi.it

Can I visit you and talk in more details with someone about the program?
If you would like to have a campus tour and meet with our representatives personally, please contact us at infomasters@mip.polimi.it. We will be happy to arrange a time to see you on campus or alternatively arrange a Skype / phone info-session.

Can I sit in on a lesson?
Yes, just ask us in advance to arrange a time. Usually there is no problem in attending a lesson, however there are certain times of the year that are not always suitable for this.

Can I contact you over Skype?
Our recruitment representatives are happy to arrange a time to speak with you over Skype. Contact infomasters@mip.polimi.it to arrange a call.

How can I contact current students or alumni in my area or future industry?
We are happy to put you in contact with our alumni. We ask that you send us a copy of your curriculum vitae so that we might find someone with similar experience or background for you to speak with.

Am I able to speak to any Admissions Representatives in my country or region?
Admission representatives and alumni regularly travel the world attending Masters fairs, in order to meet with students and answer questions about our programmes. If you would like to speak to an Admissions Representative in person, visit our MBA Events page.

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For More Information

MBA Admissions 
Tel: +39 02 2399 2820
E-mail: infomasters@mip.polimi.it