3 Month In-Company Project

MBA students of the Politecnico di Milano are fortunate to have the opportuntiy to interact and work with numerous Italian and International businesses that make up the MIP Business network. The culmination of this involvement with business is of course the 3 month in-company Project Work, undertaken at the end of the MBA programme that sees MIP students work on a consultancy project within a company.


Not your "Usual Internship"

The Project Work compoment provides MBA students with a unique opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills learnt during the MBA in an actual working environment, possibly even to a potential employer. Many of MIP's MBA students have found gainful employment within the company they undertook their Project Work in.

Many companies involved during the Project Work invest a lot of time and attention to both the student and the project. The Project Work is a truly collaborative and mutually beneficial arrangement for students and companies; students gain invaluable consulting experience while companies benefit from the modern teachings and expertise of soon-to-be MBA graduates.

Gioia Ferrario, Recruiting Director at BCG

"BCG and MIP have a long-standing and mutually successful relationship. Developing a Project Work with MIP students is a meaningful opportunity for both sides: graduates will gain real consulting experience and BCG will be enriched with new bright minds in order to constantly face clients requests and market complexity."


Amedeo Aragona completed his Project Work outside of Italy, for Ferrero in Greece. On average, 25% of the MBA Project Works every year are actually completed outside of Italy.

During my MBA Project Work, I had the opportunity to work for Ferrero S.p.A in the Organizational Department of Ferrero in Greece, with the goal of improving procedural processes of the entire nation-wide operation.
The project I was asked to work on was an analysis of the overall situation of Ferrero, with the aim of understanding the situation the company was in, to determine the best practices for it to follow, identify efficiency problems in the organization and implement new ways to improvement.
After gaining an understanding of the company’s situation, the second part of the project required coming up with a  new overall strategy for the whole organization to follow for the company to improve their competitiveness against their main competitors.
It was an amazing experience working in one of the most reputable company in the world, and gave me a great international experience. Doing my project work outside of Italy gave me an idea of how companies in other countries operate. The project work represented a significant improvement to my career to which my MBA from MIP contributed to significantly. Following the Project Work, I was offered a position with the company.

Students in the MIP Project Work often undertake their Project Work with large multi-national companies in many different cities and countries, not just in Italy. Anshul Bhat, a MBA graduate undertook his Project Work in the GBS Unit of Brussels office of Procter & Gamble.

Anshul Bhat was able to undertake his Project Work with the guidance and assistance from a Company Tutor, David Glinoer, throughout the 3 month project.  This tutor was able to help Anshul transition into the project, and helped him achieve the goals set by both parties.

Below is a review given by David Glinoer, P&G, Global Business Services, GMSS, on the performance of Anshul Bhat during the Project Work.
"From the very first days until the end, Anshul has proved to be very valuable resource. From across different functions, departments and levels, the feedback I receive about Anshul has been consistently very positive. He learns very quickly and applies directly; he has impressive ability to take necessary distance to see the big picture and reframe the problems; he creates broad and diverse relationships with a very collaborative mindset. He was able to adapt his communication style to very different audiences, hence leading decision making and getting the most out of many people for his project. His deliverables and conclusions are extremely valuable to GBS (his business unit), R&D (his “client”) and P&G overall. All of that being said, if there should be only one thing to mention, I would certainly refer to his ability to adapt to change very swiftly, keeping a high level of energy and refocusing on new priorities very smoothly.
From a personal point of view, Anshul is an extremely pleasant person to work with, which is also confirmed by consistent feedback received from the many people with whom he interacted over the past 3 months."