language English
type Digital learning
intake October 2017
length 18 months
location Everywhere + 2 International Weeks
tuition fee € 30.000
required experience 3+ years

Admissions Office International Part Time MBA programs

The tuition fee amounts to EUR 30000.

Country-based contributions

MIP offers partial waivers in order to promote international diversity within the class and to provide assistance to talented individuals from disadvantaged countries.


The aim of the MIP4Women programme is to develop and nurture a culture of women in management.
Among the EMBA programs offered by our school, a contribution of up to EUR 6000 is reserved to female candidates aspiring to become managers.

To be eligible for this competition, you must meet the admission requirements and submit at application stage a small passage (no more than 500 words) on the following topic:

"Women have always had to fight twice.
They have always had to carry two burdens, the private and the social.
Women are the spine of society."
Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel Prize

Describe the biggest challenge you have lived in your professional or private life as a woman (max 500 words).

N.B.: applicants will be judged on the quality of their application and profile (motivational interview, work experience, financial needs, education history) as well as the essay submitted. The criteria for provision of tuition fee waivers may change from year to year and they are left up to the school’s discretion.


The 30% Club was established in the UK in 2010, with a goal of achieving 30 per cent women on FTSE 100 boards in order to create a more balanced and diverse workforce. When the initiative was first launched the figure stood at just 12.5 per cent. Today it stands at 26 per cent. These significant results have been achieved by encouraging chairmen to appoint more women to boards, and by supporting businesses in implementing schemes to improve diversity at all levels within their organisation.
MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business is collaborating with the 30% Club to address the imbalance and to provide opportunities for talented women to access the benefits of a world-class business education, by offering 1 partial scholarship of 50% to attend the International Flex EMBA program (i-Flex).

To partake in the opportunity, you will have to submit to us a videoclip of max 3 minutes“demonstrating how they will contribute to and benefit from the i-Flex EMBA, focusing on their achievements as a professional manager as well as academic qualifications. Applicants should also evaluate the skills they need to develop in order to be an effective global manager and how the i-Flex EMBA will assist in this, giving details of their current role as women in a leadership position”.

The deadline to submit the video is July 30th, 2017.


To those candidates that demonstrate business acumen and a leadership attitude during the selection process for the International Flex EMBA, MIP -with the special support of WOBI- grants 5 merit-based contributions up to 30% of the tuition fee.
To partake in the competition, you must meet the admissions requirements and submit, as part of your application package, a short essay (between 500 and 700 words) on the following topic:
“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” - Sir Richard Branson, Speaker at World Business Forum (WBF) Milan 2015


To Politecnico di Milano Alumni, a partial waiver of up to EUR 3,000 applies to the i-Flex tuition fee.


The i-Flex tuition fee for companies is equal to EUR 34000.

If you are sponsored by your company, please write to imbapt@mip.polimi.it for further details.