International Flex EMBA - The Distance Learning MBA

International Flex EMBA (i-Flex) is a 18-month Executive MBA program aimed at managers who want to combine international study with work commitments, using one of the most advanced digital learning platform in the world, developed with Microsoft technology. The program, one of the top distance learning MBA courses, is in partnership with WOBI, the World of Business Ideas.

language English
type Digital learning
intake October 2017
length 18 months
location Everywhere + 2 International Weeks
tuition fee € 30.000
required experience 3+ years

Admissions Office International Part Time MBA programs


In these years education is facing a huge challenge enabled by digital technologies.
Many top business schools in the world are enlarging their offering of digital learning programs to meet the increasing need of flexibility of managers and executives.

MIP’s answer to this need is a new Executive MBA format - the International Flex EMBA (i-Flex) - which allows managers to learn the same skills, do the same networking, get the same diploma from Politecnico di Milano as those attending a traditional, in-class EMBA. In October 2014, first among the business schools in Italy and among few schools in Europe, MIP launched the first edition of the Flex EMBA, in Italian, which turned out to be very successful and exceeded the maximum number of enrolments.

MIP has now entered a partnership with WOBI (World of Business Ideas) to make a step ahead
in bringing our innovative digital learning approach to managers and executives at the worldwide level.
In 2016 MIP has launched the International Flex EMBA (i-Flex), using one of the most advanced digital learning platform in the world (developed with Microsoft technology), with an outstanding faculty including both MIP professors and and the top management thinkers & doers in the WOBI network, among which Richard Branson, Michael Porter, Nouriel Roubini, Joseph Stiglitz and Steve Wozniak, to mention a few (click here to find out more).


Participants can decide when, where and how to attend classes thanks to one of the most innovative digital learning platforms in the world. This tool allows students to easily access contents and combine the need for training with professional and personal committments.

The platform, developed with Microsoft technology, represents a breakthrough in the field of distance learning technologies. The platform allows you to access pre-recorded video, to actively participate in video sessions with the professor, to interact with your peers and work with them on projects and assignments, to access additional multimedia contents and interact on a one-to-one basis with the professors. A dedicated app, social media and forum will also be included.

The faculty of the program is made up of professors coming from different countries and of WOBI's top thinkers & doers to guarantee high quality teaching at an international level. For each of the core courses, students will have the opportunity to learn from the most well respected thinkers, professors, managers and entrepreneurs in the world.

i-Flex is targeted at candidates coming from several parts of the world, with different backgrounds and cultures, thus creating a class that is highly heterogeneous and international. What is more, as part of the program students will have the chance to attend a World Business Forum in one of the cities of their choice among Bogota, Mexico City, Milan, Madrid, New York, Hong Kong and Sydney. Students will also have the opportunity to enter in contact with the companies that belong to the MIP network.

Students will gain the same knowledge and competencies of an Executive MBA and will obtain the same degree released by traditional in-class Executive MBAs.

Tuesday, July 11th, 6 PM CEST

Join us for the International Flex EMBA (i-Flex) online presentation: discover the October 2017 edition of the program developed in distance learning and in partnership with WOBI, the world renowned business content hub, and live the i-Flex experience by participating in the Strategy DEMO Week course on the topic Strategy & Business Models: Closing the Gap.

During the webinar on July 11th, you will have the chance to listen directly to the MBA & EMBA Director, professor Federico Frattini, who will dive deep in the program and explain why the International Flex EMBA can be relevant for you, as well as virtually meet a current student.

From Wednesday, July 12th, until Tuesday, July 18th, you can attend the Strategy DEMO course held by professor Antonio Ghezzi. Do not miss the chance to familiarize yourself with this innovative format through media clips and a live interactive session, while at the same time learning more on the latest methodologies and business models taught in the field of Strategy.

Register here to join the webinar and send your CV to imbapt@mip.polimi.it to partake in the Strategy DEMO Week course.

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