language English
intake March 2019
length 19 months
location Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Lithuania, China, US
tuition fee €79000
university requirements Bachelor degree + 5 years work experience (minimum)

Admission Staff

  • email : imbapt@mip.polimi.it
  • Tel : +39 0223992870


The IMM (International Master in Management) Global EMBA is a modular program, which provides a high-quality business education for executives who desire to expand the scope of their careers and handle challenges in increasingly complex organizations around the globe. The IMM Global EMBA extends candidates comprehension of the latest concepts and techniques with a strategically global perspective. It grants invaluable access to a global sharing platform of knowledge and experience.

Two MBA degrees. 5 Modules. Seven countries. Four continents. 19 months. Countless opportunities.
  • Online coursework & collaboration
  • Residencies at the partners
  • Online examination period

Graduation at Purdue
December 19-20, 2020


Program Launch at Purdue University, U.S.

March 24-28, 2019  

Module 1
Residency at TIAS, Tilburg & Utrecht, The Netherlands 

June 2-15, 2019

Module 2
Residency at FGV-Rio, Brazil, & Santiago, Chile

October 6-19, 2019

Module 3
Residency at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy & ISM in Vilnius, Lithuania 

February 23-March 7, 2020

Module 4
Residency at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.

June 14-27, 2020

Module 5
Residency in Tianjin, Beijing, & Shanghai, China

October 11-23, 2020


       Key Facts

  • 19-months, 5 face-to-face modules + distance learning
  • A blend of face-to-face and distance learning to balance career development with executive education.
  • Global Mindset with Local Sensitivity; International Networking.
  • Class Modules in Europe, North and South America, China.
  • Academic and management expertise.
  • Electives and Exchanges.
  • Career Coaching.
  • Student club activities

Flexibility is maximized through a dynamic format that blends the best aspects of classroom learning in Europe, North America and Asia with distance learning.