language English
intake March 2019
length 19 months
location Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Lithuania, China, US
tuition fee €79000
university requirements Bachelor degree + 5 years work experience (minimum)

Admission Staff

  • email : imbapt@mip.polimi.it
  • Tel : +39 0223992870
  1. Expand the international business network. IMM Global EMBA students have many opportunities to form ties with their classmates – a talent pool of professionals from around the world and from an array of backgrounds -, the alumni network and faculty of the different schools, and the international companies that they will meet during the program. They will also get insights from different cultures, companies, entrepreneurs and business contexts.  Thanks to the International Master in Management, candidates can reach out to this network and have the chance to gain contacts in areas that may before have been unexplored or inaccessible in order to solve future business challenges.

  2. Increase the company knowledge and gain competitive leadership skills. IMM is ideal for companies that intend to develop their high potential executive employees and managers, as they can benefit from bringing their management skills up to date on the latest trends in management practice and in line with their company’s culture, values and strategy.
    IMM students start to use skills and knowledge while in program and the additional advantage of working while studying is that students can transfer the skills they learn on the course back to the workplace instantaneously. Students can engage in new ways to drive their teams to work coherently and effectively together and have a greater impact in the company business resulting in higher revenue, lower costs, increased efficiencies, better decision making and much more.  They can then discuss the results of their endeavours to classmates and critically discuss their leadership progress with their lecturers and cohort.

  3. Work on Employee Retention.  Invest in the training of the employees, enhance the resources, improve the company business with top-notch talents and develop the employee retention.

  4. Maximize the Return on Investment and Save cost. The expertise Global EMBA students gain is immediately applicable in their companies and organizations. Participants become smart decision makers, effective problem solvers, and well-prepared leaders able to take on increasing responsibilities. Over 50% of IMM alumni have saved their companies $12 million annually (Purdue survey). Companies can make considerable savings in the costs they would incur in obtaining external expertise either from consultants or by employing suitably qualified managers through the job market.

  5. Develop a virtuous circle of education. Companies can benefit of further fees reduction of additional MIP Politecnico di Milano managerial courses (such as courses included in the MIP Management Academy) to implement a widespread training program for their employees, thus developing a virtuous circle of education.