language Italian
type Digital learning
intake April 2018
length Min. 2 years, Max. 3 years
location Milan + everywhere
required experience 3+ years

Admissions Office Flex EMBA

The Programme consists in four main building blocks:

• Core Courses in General Management
The objective of the Flex EMBA course is to provide students with basic knowledge in general management, cultivating their capabilities in areas such as decision-making and innovation, as well as improving their leadership skills. The first part of the Executive MBA programme addresses this need through courses that teach how to manage and organise the processes and resources in a company, while, at the same time, initiating the process of personal development for each student.
• Elective courses & International Exchange

The varied and extensive portfolio of electives gives participants the opportunity of customising their programme to suit their needs and those of their organization.
Elective Courses have a strong practical bent and are based on action learning that includes a mixture of theoretical lessons, assignments and practical activities.

• Leadership Programme

A programme that integrates a unique mix of different teaching approaches (outdoor activities, one-to-one meetings, team activities in the classroom, experiential lessons) and a faculty that, in addition to MIP professors, includes members of the EMBA Executive Academy, a network of top executives from the world of business.

• Project work

Project work is a crucial part of the entire programme and it involves problems and situations of specific interest to the students or to the companies sponsoring them.

Each core course has a flexible agenda that offers the opportunity to reconcile work, family and study:

- pre-recorded lessons: clips available by app and offline (2h)
- 1 live lesson (30 minutes Q&A about clips and 30 minutes corner about the examples)
- live lesson (2h)
- Video Forum (1h)