language Italian
type Part-time and Evening
intake June 2017 and November 2017
length 21 months and 17 months
location Milan
required experience 6+ years

Admissions Office Executive MBA

MIP’s Executive MBA is offered as a part-time or evening Programme.

This means that participants can obtain an internationally recognised qualification – an Executive MBA – without interrupting their careers. Such an organization makes it easier for both students and their company to choose to invest in their professional development. Combining classroom lessons with daily work means that students can immediately put into practice what they have learnt, so that the learning process is more effective and engenders an immediate benefit to their companies.

MIP's Executive MBA is offered as:


The Executive MBA is a modular Programme, which is easily adaptable to the needs of participants. Students admitted to the first year can decide later on whether and when to continue with the second year, as long as the whole Programme is completed within a three-year period. On completion of the first year the student is awarded an Executive Course Diploma in Innovation and Business Management.

The Programme is completed in the second year with students receiving an Executive MBA qualification that is recognised as a postgraduate Master degree from Politecnico di Milano.

Our Executive MBA programme aims to develop skills in business management and innovation using a variety of advanced teaching methods including lessons, case studies, simulations, distance learning and presentations given by managers and consultants.

The Programme consists in four main building blocks: Compulsory foundation courses - General Management, Elective courses, Project work and Leadership Programme.

1. Core courses - General management

The objective of an EMBA course is to endow students with basic knowledge in general management, to develop their decisions making and innovation capabilities as well as to improve their leadership skills. The first part of the Executive MBA programme addresses this need with courses that teach how to manage and organize a company’s processes and resources and, at the same time, initiate the process of each student’s personal development.

2. Elective courses

EMBA participants are given the opportunity to diversify and personalize their EMBA education by undertaking between a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 4, out of a possible 10 EMBA Electives letting students specialize part of their study towards a particular area of interest.

These elective courses focus on advanced basic management topics, in line with the personal interests of the students and their training requirement and give the chance to explore areas of particular interest, to specialise in certain subjects and to gain breadth across a range of business and management disciplines.

3. Project work

Working towards your EMBA is an excellent opportunity to implement projects in your own company or to develop a new business idea and have the support of the Politecnico faculty.

By working closely with professors and researchers of Politecnico di Milano, students will have the opportunity to apply the tools and methods learnt during the EMBA to address at the edge topics of interest for companies, as well as building relationships of great value for their professional careers.

Doing Business In..

One option is for students to enhance their training by taking one or more three-day elective courses at various European business schools or experience more intense involvement through “Doing Business in...”, where they are immersed for one week in the culture of a country with high development potential, visiting successful local and international companies.


A program designed exclusively for the EMBA and that integrates a unique mix of different teaching approaches ( outdoor activities , one-on -one meetings, team activities in the classroom, experiential lessons ) and a faculty that, in addition to MIP professors, includes members of the EMBA Executive Academy , a network of top executives from the world of business.

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