language English
type Full Time
intake September
length 18 months
location Milan, Italy and Glasgow, UK
tuition fee €16500 for EU and UK students and €18500 for NON-EU students
university requirements 3 or 4 year Bachelor's degree (minimum 180 ECTS)


  • Tel : +39 02 2399 2820 : email : infomasters@mip.polimi.it

For meritorious applicants to the iMPM programme, MIP and Strathclyde offer partial, merit-based tuition fee contributions.

Candidates should indicate in the application form if they would like to apply for financial aid at the time of application before having received an admission offer. Final deadline to apply for scholarships is May 31st 2019. Scholarships are limited and given out on a rolling basis, therefore candidates are encouraged to apply early.


Candidates applying before January 31st, 2019 will receive an Early Bird discount of €1.000.


GMAT Score between 590 and 650 or GRE equivalent - €1.500

GMAT Score above 650 or GRE equivalent - €3.000

For more information, please write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it

Merit-Based Scholarships

Tuition fee contribution for non-EU candidates: up to € 6.000
Tuition fee contribution for EU candidates: up to € 4.000

To apply for the contribution, please write an essay on the following topic:

You are working in the organizational committee of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The games will start in 3 years and you have been told to design the organization structure of the team (approximately 70 persons) in charge of realisation of the games.

Your goal is to suggest possible organization structures (identifications of the roles and related correlation) of the decision maker group knowing that the contingent nature of the project impose a continuous revision of that structure along the project life cycle (that will finish 3 months later the end of the game).

Please elaborate in an essay of 1-2 pages.

To run for the tuition fee contribution, send your essay in PDF format to infomasters@mip.polimi.it. Please note that only complete applications can be considered.


MIP and Strathclyde Business School are delighted to offer up to 2 partial, merit-based tuition Scholarships for applicants with First Class Degrees (or Overseas equivalent of a UK First Class degree).
One award of €8,500 is available for a non-EU candidate and one award of €6,500 for an EU candidate.
The Scholarships will be awarded on merit, rather than financial need, to candidates who demonstrate in their Master programme application excellent academic performance (current and/or previously gained); any relevant extra-curricular or professional experience and career development and who will contribute to the overall academic, cultural and experiential profile of the programme cohort.


Merit-based tuition fee contributions of 10% are available for alumni from various master programs of MIP and other departments of Politecnico di Milano. For information on how to apply for the alumni scholarships, please write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it.

Sponsorships from Italian Regions and Provinces to Italian Citizens

Thanks to MIP's programmes being recognized as University Master Degrees, our Italian students have access to sponsorships made available by Italian Regions and Provinces.

• Candidates from Puglia Region can follow this link