language English
type Full time
intake September
length 16 months + Master Thesis
location MIP Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain), Heriot-Watt University (Scotland), TUM School of Manangement (Germany), Beijing Jiaotong University School of Economics and Management (China), Toulouse Business School (France)
tuition fee 16,500 € for EU students 18,500 € for Non-EU students
university requirements 3 year Bachelor's degree in a scientific or technical discipline (minimum 180 ECTS)



The IMIM Alumni

The IMIM Alumni network shares information on job vacancies, academic research and social activities.

Many of MIP's alumni still play an active part in the life of the school. If you would like to speak to a former student of the Alumni programme, send an email to infomasters@mip.polimi.it and we can put you in contact with one of our alumni, who would be more than happy to assist you with you enquiries. 

Our Alumni Stories

Click on the names below, and discover how the International Master in Industrial Management positively impacted on the lives of some of the IMIM Alumni, and how it helped to boost their managerial abilities and career potential.

IMIM is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences that I have had. It gives high quality management education, combined with many other opportunities to learn. We have the chance to live and work with our colleagues, coming from all over the world. Moreover, we meet many different professors in the three universities, who have different business experiences and teaching approaches, but all challenge us to think critically and to be proactive.
The program is very helpful in finding job opportunities and in developing our personal skills. Finally, we have a lot of opportunities to travel and to get to know the different cultures.

The main particularity that distinguishes the IMIM Master is the soft skills development due to its particular circumstances. Firstly, we study in 3 different universities of reference and contact with different teaching bodies from varied backgrounds who share their professional experience. Additionally, by living, working, travelling and sharing experiences with such an international class, together we improve our understanding of other cultures, adaptation capabilitiesand mind elasticity. Moreover, we contact with other Erasmus Mundus, increasing the international mix and building a strong contact network hardly found elsewhere.

IMIM programme is a unique life-changing experience that provides its students with a lot of opportunities during the studies as well as after finishing it. 

For me the most important thing in IMIM is the international experience. The groups of students from all over the world interact with each other and with professors from different countries, move from country to country every 6 months – that’s the international experience in its most enriched way! Besides the programme provides a perfect mix of theoretical and practical knowledge through lectures of high-class professors with rich working experience, seminars from top managers and industrial company visits. IMIM has definitely brought many nice people, knowledge and unforgettable moments into my life! 

IMIM had a great impact not just on my educational perspective but it also helped me to groom personally on ethical and moral levels. I would recommend to take IMIM because it entertains three best universities of the world which cherished me with great flavors of different cultures across EU with definitely the most knowledgeable professors and cooperating staff.

IMIM has been an amazing opportunity for merging academic knowledge with work experience and international exposure. IMIM combines management vision with the challenges and new methodologies emerging in modern manufacturing and service industries, piloted by teachers with high expertise in their field, and top level education. Most significantly for me, IMIM has been an opportunity to learn from diversity, to embrace change and new ways of thinking, and to share with highly talented and motivated classmates in a multi-cultural environment; in our case there were four continents represented in one classroom. IMIM is a platform, a catalyst to apply for positions of greater re­sponsibility in an international business environment and, essentially, a network of future managers.

IMIM is not just a master. It’s an experience of a life time. It gives you the professional insights from each of the different countries where you got to interact with the top notch faculty who are themselves institutes on their own. A different flavour from each of the three culturally rich countries, coupled with the expertise they hold in different areas, which ultimately constitute the program structure makes it unparalleled. At IMIM one gets to witness the diversity in all senses, cultural interactions, cuisines, management styles and ultimately the people who bring something fresh to the table just every day. And all this doesn’t end with the program but continues by giving you a huge window of opportunities and bonds which last forever.

The decision I made towards choosing the IMIM Program was one of the most important of my life as it has definitely provided me with unique challenges and personal fulfillment. By the time I was looking for a Master Program, I chose to pursue an experience that could bind together solid academic knowledge with a truly international environment. After some months of search, I was sure the IMIM Program was the right choice to pave the way towards my career goals. It not only gave me a more comprehensive perspective on the overall aspects of industrial management but mainly contributed to strengthen my competencies to successfully manage multifunctional teams in an international basis. If I could go back in time I would be more than happy to do it all over again.

Lego Denmark, Copenhagen 

Whenever people ask me about my Master’s degree, my heart just starts beating faster. It feels like I joined IMIM yesterday and it will always be the best choice I have ever made both on a personal and on a career level. IMIM is the perfect combination between an amazing academic path divided across the prestigious universities, the possibility to live and experience 3 different countries and meet some truly great Friends.  

At a professional level, IMIM really helped me to learn the tools than I still using in my career. For example, this great academic programme gave me the possibility to join my company’s Graduate Program and work with other talented individuals across different departments and countries for 1.5 year after completing the master. 

Having the possibility to test myself in those settings definitely improved my flexibility and knowledge of the global supply chain with a deeper understanding on management aspects which are now essential.

During those 2 years I also had some great experiences; I learnt to love Indian food, dance to Turkish music, laugh like a Serbian, discover the culture of Bhutan, sing Mexican songs...I can say for sure that I cannot wait for the IMIM reunions we will have in years to come. To me, IMIM is family and will always be.

IMIM has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to gather profound knowledge on Industrial Management subjects that I am sure will be of great relevance for my professional career. It has also given me the chance to deeply know foreign cultures, both from living in foreign countries, and also for the wide diversity of fellows in the Master program. But most important it has given me the chance to meet a selected group of the most talented individuals in the world, from which I learn day to day and that challenge me to become a better person, who have become my second family and with which I am sure friendship bonds will last a lifetime.

As a consultant in performance optimization in a French firm, I rely everyday on what I learnt during the IMIM Master. And it's not only what has been tought during classes, even though this is of great help. It is also the experience of interacting with people from all around the world: I have colleagues, clients that work in different parts of the world, and having been used to that makes work a lot easier. The years I spent studying IMIM were among the most fulfilling, exciting and rewarding of my life. I treasure their memory as well as the wonderful people I met. 

Marketing Manager at UTi Worldwide, Los Angeles

I took part in the 3rd edition of the IMIM Programme, graduated in July 2008. Culturally, living in 3 European cities was an amazing experience from which I grew a lot, and sharing this experience with classmates from 19 different countries really made me see the world from a different eye.  Academically, the content I learnt in all the different subjects was interesting and definitely relevant for working in today's global economy. Professionally, I use every day in my job the knowledge I gained during the 2 years of the programme and I keep putting in practice the methods and learning mechanisms I acquired. Gladly, the IMIM uncovered my appetite for living in different countries and after my graduation, I already lived and worked in 3 different countries... so far! Surprisingly, although I was not very good with languages at school, I now speak 6 languages and would certainly not do without the IMIM experience. Happily, I kept in touch with many of my classmates and still meet them today when we are in the same country or I travel to visit them (so far, Thailand, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Peru, France). We know our doors are always open for each other. Finally, an unforgettable experience with great memories and which I have never regretted for a second!