language English
type Full time
intake September
length 12 months
location Milan, Italy and Brussels, Belgium
tuition fee 16,000 €
university requirements 3-year Bachelor degree (minimum 180 ECTS)

International Masters Admissions

Click on the names below, and discover how the Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship positively impacted on the lives of some of the AMIE Alumni, and how it helped to boost their managerial abilities and career potential.

AMIE is a hands-on program which not only allows you to increase your knowledge about interesting and useful topics but encourages you to become the leader you were created to be. It is a program which will help you understand the difficulties of working in a multicultural team and give you the guidelines to use the potential that is hidden in diversity. Your eyes will be open to the entrepreneurial world where everything is uncertain and where the future does not depend on the tools you have or what is written on your CV, but on your reaction to it.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I got by attending the Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Having the chance to truly live and experience two incredibly diverse and vibrant cities such as Milan and Brussels is only one of the many perks of the AMIE programme. It has been a year full of challenges and thrilling experiences. The course is meant to make you open to new opportunities and radically change your mindset by experiencing a variety of subjects in very dynamic and interactive class sessions. What is more, the structure of the programme allowed us to really get to know each other by collaborating in stimulating team projects during the classes and by sharing and enjoying the whole experience outside the campus. The great multiculturalism of the class has never been a barrier; on the contrary, it has probably represented the main takeaway of the advanced master experience. The AMIE journey is almost over for me and I neverthought it would be so empowering. I can now make my first steps in the entrepreneurial world with a proper toolbox thanks to this program.

It has been a great and special year for me since I attended the AMIE programme, I had chances to explore a new sector of the business world that I had never experienced before. I started to understand the start-up business, define strategies in an innovative way, how to think as an entrepreneur and so on.
Furthermore, being taught by extremely knowledgeable professors, and assigned to different projects, case studies and workshops, interacting with 30 classmates coming from 15 countries, studying in two countries, helped me to understand different cultures, enhanced my team-building skill and most importantly, inspired everyone to think creatively. We were also offered exclusive opportunities by MIP to visit leading companies, network with key business leaders, and gain interesting insights from their perspective. Thanks to AMIE, I gradually realized my passion and how I want to develop my career path; the process of selfdiscovery makes me excited about the future. Currently, I have found an internship with a start-up company in my home city of Shanghai, China. I will be working for their global market team, focusing on user experience. After studying at MIP and Solvay, I strongly believe that the incredible experience will help me to reach my career goals and enrich my professional life.

The AMIE course gave me the opportunity to understand better the startup and innovative ecosystem that exists in Europe today. It gave me a wider understanding of how innovation and entrepreneurship can change the world, and showed me tools/concepts that can be applied both in a big enterprise as for new ventures. 

As AMIE student, I had an amazing multicultural experience. My classmates are from more than 15 countries and the course is held in Italy and Belgium. I was be able to build a good network by talking to successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, big companies, reference professionals, etc.

In addition, theory and practical experience are often together. You will have group works to develop new business and develop consulting projects for real companies. For instance, in this very moment I am working at the Solvay incubator, developing my own business, which I intend to launch in Brazil as soon as I come back.


During this Master I had the chance to learn how to think and act like a real entrepreneur. Being exposed to real business cases, interacting with 34 classmates with 15 different nationalities, learning from inspiring and knowledgeable professors and networking with global customer-centric companies are the main takeaways from this experience. 

During the second term in Brussels, I was able to further develop my skills by executing a consultancy project. With a team of 4 students, we operated as a business consultant in an established SME. 

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to start a 2 months internship in Deloitte and was able to turn everything I learned into practice. In this very moment I am working within the Strategy and Growth team, which helps clients to identify growth opportunities while operating in a changing market.   

I am confident that I will enrich my professional profile thanks to these experiences.

I started this Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with the desire to move away from the traditional business education and learn about new tools and mindsets of the future. The AMIE programme offered me this opportunity, which I have greatly enjoyed. I feel prepared to not only be an asset to the innovation department of a corporation, but I now have the roadmap to start my own company with confidence. What sets this master apart, is the chance to experience two extremely vibrant cities and cultures.
While Milano offers a taste of the “Dolce Vita”, Brussels is the heart of the European Union. This controversy makes this master and its environment so continuously exciting. Additionally, studying at two well-known Business Schools, MIP and Solvay, gives this master its academic value that it deserves. Above all, within the AMIE program there were more than 30 students from 24 different countries, which is a rarity in itself. Not that we became close, we also learned to work with each other, which proved to be a valuable lesson.
After the completion of AMIE, I was in search of a possibility to work on the forefront of innovation, I wanted to be a part of a team that forms the future. With the graduate program in Strategic Innovation at Piaggio, I was given this opportunity for which I am extremely thankful!

In the Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship offered by MIP and SOLVAY, I felt driven to achieve my full potential. Not only did I have the opportunity to interact with great minds and network with experts in multiple fields, I also learnt how to think and act like a professional in a context that reproduces real life business challenges. In my opinion, the uniqueness of the program lies in the genuine cross-cultural experience it offers.
After undergoing the Advanced Master, I was recruited for a 6-month internship at L’Oréal Group in Brussels. Today, I am mainly responsible for the operational marketing activity of Garnier Skin Care Belgilux, allowing me to further cultivate both my analytical and creative aspects alongside admirable business minded people in a booming corporation.

This Advanced Master gives us the opportunity to work on our own new venture. Creating the perfect team, developing a Business Model Canvas, learning how to innovate your business model/product/operations, re-develop the meaning of things, calculate the innovation rate of technologies of the future… these are all examples of the topics we discuss during our lectures. Through guest lectures we also gain insights in different upcoming fields such as Robotics, Nanotechnology, Nano Electronics, Nuclear Fusion...
When you are confronted with these topics each day, it definitely creates an environment where you are eager to start your own company! Today not only start-ups need to innovate their business model to obtain a competitive advantage, also existing companies need to keep up the pace with the fast growing and complex environment. Intrapreneurship is another topic that is touched during classes and where every company, and so do we, will need to deal with one day or another.