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International Masters Office

This Master is flexibly designed for the need of Chinese prospects and recruits the current students from the six Chinese partner universities and the prospects recommended by those universities. At the end of the programme, all the candidates will obtain from Politecnico di Milano a Master Degree.

Those who will attend the second and subsequent semesters by ESSCA can choose to attend an additional year by ESSCA and then are entitled with a Master in Management-Grande Ecole Programme.

The programme is divided into three semesters as shown below.

The program starts in September and finishes in September next year:

  • The first term is from September 2017 until December 2017 and will take place at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business (30 ECTS);
  • The second term is from January 2018 until June 2018 and will take place at the school which you have chosen for your interested stream (30 ECTS);
  • And the third term is from July 2018 until October 2018 (10 ECTS).

***Those choosing ESSCA as the school for the second and subsequent semesters have the timetable as follows:

  • The first term at MIP (30 ECTS);
  • The second term at ESSCA (30 ECTS); In order to get the degree from Politecnico di Milano, the students are required to develop a project work (10 ECTS), alongside the second term (usually the project work definition starts in April and the final discussion has to be completed by September. This project work does not require to be internship-based) and, so, have 70 ECTS at the end of the 1st year programme;

The students interested in getting the degree by ESSCA have to acquire 120 ECTS, and attend:

  • The third term at ESSCA: ‘Entrepreneurial Project Semester’ (developed as internship in the ESSCA incubator);
  • The forth term at ESSCA: Master Thesis (30 ECTS).

For the detailed information on where and how the streams are developed by each school, please consult below:

1.        Marketing and Luxury “Made in Europe”
2.        Corporate Financial Management
3.        Entrepreneurship
4.        International Business
5.        Logistics and Transport Management
6.        International Business and Trade
7.        Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship
8.        Supply Chain Management
9.        Marketing Management and Strategy
10.      Bank and Financial Management
11.      Tourism Management

*MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business (Milan, Italy)

Stream 1 - Marketing and Luxury "Made in Europe" (30 ECTS)
-    Introduction to Luxury Management
-    Brand Management
-    Product and Collection Design
-    Channel Management & Retail and Sales Management
-    Communication and Promotion
-    Advanced Marketing Management

*ESSCA École de Management (Anger, France)

Stream 2 – Corporate Financial Management (30 ECTS)
-    Advanced management accounting 
-    Advanced corporate finance 
-    Internal auditing and risk management 
-    Project financial management
-    International corporate strategies

Stream 3 - Entrepreneurship (30 ECTS)
-    Business Modeling 
-    Business Planning 
-    Business Traction 
-    Entrepreneurial or business development project 
-    Social Business and Digital business 

Stream 4 – International Business (30 ECTS)
-    International sales development 
-    International corporate strategies 
-    Global Supply Chain Management, International sourcing and purchasing 
-    International Trade legal Environment 
-    International Project management 

*School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg (Gotenburg, Sweden)

Stream 5 – Logistics and Transport Management (30 ECTS)
-    Retailing, Wholesaling and Logistics 
-    International Trade and Logistics 
-    Shipping - Production systems and Logistics Management 
-    Contemporary aspects of Operations Management
Stream 6 - International Business and Trade (30 ECTS)
-    The Geography of Transnational Production Networks 
-    International Business in the Asian emerging markets 
-    Managing Across Cultures 
-    Managing and Organizing the MNC

Stream 7 - Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship (30 ECTS)
-    Risk management and Finance
-    Knowledge intensive entrepreneurship 
-    Entrepreneurship and New Business Development
-    Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

*Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Stream 8 – Supply Chain Management (30 ECTS)
-    Closed-loop Supply Chains 
-    Supply Chain Simulation 
-    Strategic Sourcing 
-    Business Process Excellence 
-    Cradle to Cradle & Circular Economy
-    Pricing & Revenue Management
-    Service Logistics & Operations
-    Healthcare Procurement & Value Chain Management 
-    Ports in Global Networks 
-    Forecasting in Supply Chains
Students are required to choose 5 courses among the ones listed above, for a total of 30 ECTS.

Stream 9 – Marketing Management and Strategy (30 ECTS)
-    Business administration and logistics
-    Business administration and marketing
-    Business administration and strategy             

*Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Stream 10 – Bank and Financial Management (30 ECTS)
-    Quantitative Methods in Finance
-    Strategic Management 2
-    Corporate Valuation
-    Elective course (one of the electives offered)
Stream 11 - Tourism Management (30 ECTS)
-    Research Methods and Techniques
-    Strategic Management 2
-    Tourism Marketing or Research Methods in Tourism (if offered)
-    Elective course (one of the electives offered)