Training Programmes are specifically designed, starting by defining the company's requirements and then creating a coherent training structure, through analysing training requirements, macro-level and micro-level design, while continually fine-tuning the process.

Company needs are assessed with respect to

  • Market context
  • Strategy
  • Target
  • Training objectives
  • Training offered to companies is customised to create, for each company, the best mix of the Contents, Formats and Added Value Services.


For each training programmes we have developed a specific teaching method that is consistent with the training goals: retention of staff, development of professional and personal skills, company introduction, networking, team building, leadership model diffusion, etc.

Educational formats are adapted to the specific needs of the project and, although different formats are often combined and are evolving continuously, some of the most representative and frequently delivered are:

  • Executive Corporate Master
  • Corporate Academy
  • Spotlight
  • Top Seminar
  • Newcomer Induction
  • Coaching